Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!

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Greetings on this fine, wonderful, Money-Manifesting, Miracle, Monday – Oct. 1, 2012.

I am a Bold, Brave and Beautiful Woman!  My radiant smile perfectly complements my “voice of thunder”.  My long, strong, sensuous arms embrace the Universe, indeed I am One with all Life, I am One with the One! My very essence is Hospitality, Hope and Help.  Oooh, that sway of the ancestors’ hips, on me, is uniquely designed to flow in the rhythms of life.  Yes, my gift for harnessing the “energy and ideas” of businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs distinguishes me as an outstanding business coach & consultant.

Claudette, your biggest dreams are realized, as you move forward with assurance and confidence.  Opulent Abundance surrounds me and I have many portfolios of great value that allow me financial freedom and independence. My greatest wealth is my belief and knowing that God is the Source of my supply.  He is my life-time business partner. My long legs are invariably dancing to the beat of my own inner music and my slender feet take me into action for my community.  My lengthy toes curl with massaging and in amazement, at just how “Bad” I am. Claudette your life is filled to the overflow with love, peace and joy.  Children, flowers, music and art provide you opportunity to relax and release on a daily basis.  And finally, Claudette your enthusiastic actions reveal that you are expecting your greatest good right now!

This is my commercial.  I get up in the morning greeting myself with a warm embrace and speaking out loud the words “I love you, Claudette”.   I thank the creator for me and another day!  These practices have taken some time for me to comfortably do them and creating a commercial about myself, was an idea another gave to me.  I needed to hear what I had to say about me.  Not the business, the baby, or anything or anyone else, just myself.  After a number of trials, I got it.  Who better than me, could tell me about me?  I get to choose the language, the labels and the importance of my life.  I was a “fully grown woman” before I got to talking directly to me.   This was one of the most liberating personal feats I had taken on in some time.  Yes, I’m always learning something new so this was a key step in my growth to become more and more attuned to what’s going on with me.  On reflection, I saw that I do it so naturally for others, yet I had not considered the value in encouraging and uplifting my own darn self.  When I look in that mirror now, I see a person of worth, a good person, yes, and a person who’s loved.

The words of faith, life, power, wisdom, understanding, love, order, zeal, renunciation, surrender and trust are what I will use to tell my own story of being an “OverComer”.  I will use my commercial to keep myself on course, to push through any resistance and move forward with unveiling my dream to the world – “Sistah’s Home” – the Place of Love in Action!  I have scheduled a Prayer & Praise Breakfast with a Forgiveness Treatment for Saturday, October 20. 2012.  There, I will share my dream’s details. My dream deserves a powerful audience of believers who value the spirit of Sisterhood and believe that now is the time for us to create a place whose cornerstones are Hospitality, Hope and Help!

One this first day of October I have yet to confirm the place or get the sign-off on promotional materials.  I do have the menu, the music, and the multi-media visual presentation determined.  I’m torn between a Patti LaBelle or a Doris Redic type outfit and I just know the accessories will present themselves to the outfit.  You know, Queen Hostess Claudette (I just thought of this title, I didn’t know what to call myself at Sistah’s Home) has got to look like who I say I am.  I am asking for a $20 donation to help provide an honorarium for my special guests, Janine A. Ingram, author of Born to Be Rich and my own mother, Mrs. Doris Redic.  They will present the Forgiveness Treatment.  This is an essential element to Sistah’s Home’ manifestation.  So much of the program will be provided at nominal or no cost from people who love and support me.  I am blessed to have the help of talented and giving individuals, who want me to have success, in introducing Sistah’s Home.

Keep following my blog so that you can find out where to join me in a delightful 2 hour presentation at my Prayer & Praise Breakfast with a Forgiveness Treatment on Saturday, October 20, 2012 from 8 – 10AM. See you there!

Peace and Blessings,

Claudette Redic

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