SISTAH’S HOME – 19 Days until the Unveiling!

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Yesterday, I began the story about this dream of mine to open a premier, internationally acclaimed place for sisters to gather.

Sistah’s Home Mission Statement: Sistah’s Home is the premier place where the Love of Sisterhood is expressed and experienced all the time.  Hospitality, Hope and Help are our cornerstone values, and our collective efforts keep them strong.

Vision: Sistah’s Home is an opulent, waterfront resort property within Chicago where women and men from around the world feel welcomed and at home.   This place will serve as a respite for renewal and rejoicing.

As my commercial says, I am a bold, brave and beautiful woman.  This dream is big, and some may say, too big to be real.  For me, it is a promise from the universe.  Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action! has always been on the horizon as a monument of our love and care for each other as sisters.  The idea for the name came from my recall of some of the times I have witnessed the joy when a sister returns home.  A sister coming home was like a signal to all that good times and good food were imminent and you’d better get there.  A sister’s return home had a wide ripple effect.  The whole community would somehow become engaged in acknowledging her return.  It might be as simple as a wave of the hand, a smile in passing or the fabled church service and dinner, but the news would spread that sister was home! “Sistah” was a fond expression used by many descendants from the south in place of the name of the woman even if she was a mother, an aunt, daughter or wife.

Today, I felt like a sister who had returned home.  I felt so honored as I found favor everywhere. Today, I was gifted a place to have the Prayer & Praise Breakfast with a Forgiveness Treatment for Saturday, October 20. 2012.  It will be held at the Chesterfield Tom Thumb Day Care Center – located at 9208 S. Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago.  The time is 8AM until 10AM.

Today, (day number 19 until the unveiling) a sister offered to take care of the food preparation and serving.  Today, another sister stepped to the plate and offered to provide help with financing my personal expenses (you know those hair, make-up and accessory desires).  Today, my belief in sisterhood was reaffirmed, as once again, sisters’ rose to the occasion.   I know we love each other.  Right here and now, I can tell the world that nearly every good thing I have received has been from a sister.  Praises to the Sisters!  My eternal gratitude is offered to every good sister who stands in support of me.  We are worthy of all the goodness of life.  Sistah’s Home and the love, hospitality, hope and help that flows throughout it will be our gift back to the world.

I am asking for a $20 donation to help provide an honorarium for my special guests, Janine A. Ingram, author of Born to Be Rich and my own mother, Mrs. Doris Redic.  The two of them will facilitate the Forgiveness Treatment.  Forgiveness is an essential element to Sistah’s Home’s manifestation as it clears the way for our faith to reach our highest vibrations.  Even school kids know that the higher the vibration, the greater the joy.  There is considerable work to be done in the forgiveness realm for all of us.  We’ve got ourselves, others who have harmed or hurt us personally and then there’s all that societal stuff to forgive.  Slavery, poverty, racial hatred, ancestral curses and conditions and sexism are part of the cultural consequences we must release.  To be unforgiving does not serve our highest good.  I want myself and all the sisters to be free.   Sisters let us  take our cue from the incomparable song of Patti LaBelle – “Somebody Loves You” and  for real, you know that it is me!

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic

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