Warm Feelings inside the Vision of “Sistah’s Home”

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(It’s day 13  until the unveiling)

This Sunday morning is a cold one.  Makes me aware that the “snuggle-up-time” is close and I need to be making some preparations.   I’ll just tell you up front, I do not like being cold!   Many, who have known me, know I have spoken for years of becoming a snow-bird and traveling to warm climates during Chicago’s winters.  Now that “Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!”- my vision, my dream, is compelling me to move on it, I’m readjusting my thinking.  My thought today is – how will Sistah’s Home provide warmth in the winter-time that makes this sister able to function in the cold?

I’m thinking that in this opulent waterfront resort there will be many fireplaces.  Most definitely, there will be a great one in the central meeting area and smaller ones throughout.    The greenhouse is another warm and humid area within the grounds. I envision strolling through or sitting within the beauty and majesty of the flora, fauna and food that grows there. The produce and flowers serve our own restaurants and floral expressions in addition to providing quality products to the local food  economy of other surrounding businesses near Sistah’s Home.   All that solar and green technology maximized in the building of the place should be shooting out warm bursts of air on command  (now that is an app to have on your smart phone).  To enjoy the warmth of being inside when it’s cold out I know how to get so caught up in a book, that I can literally let the world go by and not notice it.  This is another reason that within the “Help Pavilion” of Sistah’s Home, the ‘Book Showcase-Reading Room’ area (it needs a name) will be such a comfortable room.  I see the big, cushy chairs and, okay, a large and cozy sofa, long enough to stretch out on, small areas for group discussions and the stage for book signings and featured authors.  Sisters from around the world will have opportunity to feature their works on this stage.  I love to snack and read so there will be a small café, too.

There are so many parts/aspects/principles/and pleasures in defining Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!  I use the time at hand to address whatever is before me towards this plan.  Today, Joel Olsteen was discussing the principle of “Set Time”.  He reminded me that I have to run my own course; I do not have to proceed with fear of not enough of anything.  In the appointed time, the people, money, help and information I need will appear.  I do not have to change who I am to force anything I believe the Creator has for me.   The scripture from Habakkuk 2:3 says “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie, though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come…”   Joel’s topic also helped me to recall a story, from the Black Enterprise – May 2012 issue, in which Lonnie G. Bunch III talked about the watershed moment when the groundbreaking for the Smithsonian Institution’s $500 million National Museum of African-American History and Culture occurred in February of this year.  He said that it took 6 years before that moment.  I use his and others stories of manifesting a dream to stay my course.  I had just two areas of focus this week to prepare for unveiling my dream, important but simple, 1) create the words for the invitations and 2) get them out. I’m finishing the second part today.  Please follow the link to my personal invitation  for you.


Peace and Love,

Claudette Redic

Cider Enterprises

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