Opulent Abundance Begins in the Mind

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Go Bears!  Yes they once again pulled off a very, very close one this past Sunday.  In the last seconds of the game, they won!  I thought about the fact that in football, it only takes that long to witness miraculous plays.  For real – ye of little faith, you can miss the greatest moment of the game!  What a parable to real life.  You have got to “hang in there” until the end and play even the last moments as though you believe you’ve got a chance to win!  Do not hesitate to make the play – go for the victory!

In Chicago you can experience a lot of that “I CAN WIN” energy here.  Many unimaginable people are doing extraordinary things all the time.  You can travel around the world and not be able to feel the “creative working power” of Chicagoans.  I don’t know if the energy, courage and spirit of discovery that Jean Baptiste Point duSable had when he founded Chicago, was part of the start of so many great minds making the choice to succeed – but it’s a good starting point in my way of thinking.

What I especially like about many of these great minds is that they have created and enhanced not only Chicago, but the world, with their contributions.  These creators did not think small, they saw and created wonders of opulence and abundance.   As I ride the CTA down Michigan Avenue, I can see the expansiveness of their visions.  The parks, the vastness of the cultural displays and the lakefront accessibility are meant for many to enjoy.  A friend asked me how I planned to express opulent abundance in Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!  I hesitated for a moment before answering because I had already given the question considerable thought.  I had to tell her that the idea of opulence begins in the mind.  The concept of hospitality in abundance is that you have a spirit of service, that what the customer wants is what you want.   You must have expansiveness and generosity within you to offer it to another.  The very actions these feelings evoke within us will enable us to offer to others, only our best.  Excellence is the only course open to offer to another as you live opulent abundance in your works and ways.

Enjoy with me, if you will, some of the pictures (thanks Rev. Catherine) from the Prayer and Praise Breakfast that unveiled the vision of Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!  This was truly an occasion of love in opulent abundance that was freely given.  Thanks to all my supporters who were there and those of you who sent prayers, well wishes and donations.  You have my sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic

Cider Enterprises

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