Cider Enterprises Monthly Book Club’s 3rd Season of Questions Answered

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“OVER-COMERS” discuss and share their stories with conference call participants – SEPTEMBER THROUGH DECEMBER 2014


The third season of the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call (CEBCC) is set to begin on September 25, 2014 at 7PM with the remarkable and talented Charles Holt. I’m so excited. I am unabashedly a mid-westerner and like school, I start in September, after Labor Day. It is no accident that the CEBCC begins in September and continues through April. For me, it’s my cycle of learning and my brain seems better able to focus on concrete goals during this time. This is when new and exciting endeavors can orderly begin for me.

This time span carries three fourths of the year within it and encompasses many traditional, family and religious aspects of my life. I feel extremely purposeful coming from a summertime filled with nature-filled experiences on beaches, parks, gardens, and trails, balconies and porches. These types of places allow the free flow of connections with my dreams and hopes and I am more able to clearly visualize and explore them. These relaxing and bountiful spaces of abundance are just the perfect backdrop for me to see beyond my natural eyes that what I desire.

This new season’s authors continue the mission of the Cider Enterprises Book Club to feature “Over-Comers”. These are stories of situations and circumstances that have been overcome by the authors and they have been able to share their very individual and personal stories of how they did it. They offer lessons on family growth in love, understanding and forgiveness for each of us.

  • Charles HSeptember 25th features author Charles Holt‘s “Between Me and Dad.”  It is a powerful storyBetween Me and Dad of a man who lived with his father in the same household, yet felt that his father was not available to him emotionally.  He says, I certainly did not feel or hear the word love from my dad.” His reactions to this lifestyle describe his journey to forgiveness. His learned responses speak to his commitment to get to his real love of his father.The story is a must read for all, and especially for men who are seeking peace with the idea and reality of their fathers. The principals and focus on Divine Order in September more than qualifies Charles to lead off the season. Divine Order within ourselves guarantees divine order in our outer lives.


  • ERNEST 4_1October 16th features newly published author Ernest Basim Abdullah with “The Game of The game of lifeLife and How To Play It.”  Ernest states “To play the game properly or if your goal is to win, you need to know more than just how to move, you need to know the rules and the strategies … Is life a game? If not, why are so many people losing and other people winning?” Ernest can share his wisdom and experiences from the heart. Hurricane Katrina forced his relocation to Chicago. As you already know, life circumstances can take you off your square and force many unplanned choices for survival.Ernest’s life as an accomplished member of the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra, and all the acclaim of a successful and well loved musician, changed so much that he did not play music, even in practice, for several years. Read Ernest’s remarkable and courageous story of how he has mastered the winning moves to live a life of purpose and power. “The Game of Life and How To Play It” is perfect for October’s focus on Zeal and Enthusiasm.


  • Dr. BarbaraAwesome author, Dr. Barbara King, will grace the phone lines November 13th. “Transform transform your lifeYour Life” shows readers how to overcome their doubts and fears and transform their lives through the power of prayer. The esteemed minister of Hillside Chapel in Atlanta, Dr.  Barbara, has maximized her advance learning and experiences as a social worker and metaphysician to teach and train others how to apply the promises of God in their lives. As the master teacher that she is, Dr. King begins her discourse with universal principals, a glossary for ease of understanding and a wealth of current examples to demonstrate right thoughts and actions. Her symbolic interpretation of the Bible is at the root of the life affirming affirmations she provides.“Transform Your Life” has messages that are spiritual aides in overcoming some of our more challenging times. It offers provocative questions to consider in transforming our consciousness to places of fertile new beginnings. The November spiritual focus on Renunciation and Renewal makes this an excellent study guide to do just that.


  • Naleighna KaiWhat better way to wrap up the year on December 18, 2014 than to learn about how to publishBaring It All your story. Naleighna Kai, bestselling multiple author and publisher, features her book “Baring It All.”  In these stories of the “ins and outs of publishing,” Naleighna helps you explore the many options open to an aspiring or seasoned author. First hand experiences are told through the stories of published writers. There are many ways to get your story out to the world but current and practical information is provided here. There is more than enough information for making informed choices on which situation works best for you.This will be Naleighna Kai’s second appearance on The Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call and she brought such an invigorated audience to the call that she ended up having to extend her time to answer all of the callers. Her love of writing and publishing is evident in the excellent works she continues to produce and “Baring It All” allows her to “lovingly” help others publish their stories. Understanding the practicality of publishing their own story, poem, novel or documentary might well be the step many will consider as they contemplate December’s spiritual focus on Love. Wouldn’t that be a super start to the New Year – your story!

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