Welcome Rev. Dr. Sheila McKeithen: The Newly Elected UFBL President

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Shelia & Claudette sharing "Twelve Steps to your Healing"
Shelia & Claudette sharing “Twelve Steps to your Healing”

Rev. Dr. Sheila McKeithen, newly elected President of the Universal Foundation For Better Living (UFBL), conducted a Prosperity Series Seminar that personified why she is the ‘elected one’. She ‘turned up’ the realization that we are one with the Universe and life is “rigged in our favor” in order that we experience the good that God has for us.

On “Sweetest Day” in Chicago, Sheila (as she asked to be called) filled the Faith Chapel at Christ Universal Temple. She was delectable! We were eager to hear the voice and message of this youngest President of the Foundation to date and waited excitedly to greet her before the session began.  I felt her authentic, energetic and purpose-filled vibrations of confidence and sincerity as she welcomed us. (You can read her extended story in The October/November issue of “Daily Inspiration for Better Living,” a publication of the Universal Foundation for Better Living, Inc.).

Dr. Sheila “unpacked” her topic, “Living the Good Life – One Step at a Time,” comforting and reassuring that Divine Order follows in sequential steps in all of nature. As one with the ONE, we too have choices to “Be” in decency and order.   There are Divine ways to all life and we need to “Let” the good flow in our lives as us.

Using her brand new book, “Twelve Steps to Your Healing,” as our reference guide, Dr. Sheila facilitated a twelve step exercise in consciousness that is “designed to adjust the pattern of thinking from the false suggestions of materialism to the true, unlimited prosperous and ever present ideas of God.” She asked us to use the things we wanted for our lives in the steps and see how order impacted everything.  We were to know that we are not wrong, but the steps we have chosen may be wrong for us and our desired goals.  We were instructed to make the “adjustment” first in our minds, and then in the steps we take to achieve the right results.  Her seminar recording is a must for your library and can be purchased HERE.  Sheila encourages us to  “Act Now” and begin using the steps to a high quality of life.

The path is clearly ordered for the new President of the Universal Foundation For Better Living. Standing on the shoulders of Founder, Reverend Dr. Johnnie Colemon and the recently deceased Dr. Mary Tumpkins, Rev. Dr. Sheila McKeithen’s presidency seems a fresh breath of leadership that continues the legacy of Bible-based New Thought teachings.  I personally welcome Sheila to the ‘Throne of Queens’ and look forward to the exciting steps she will take to lead us in Divine Order.  Peace and Blessings to her.

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