Sistah’s Home – The Place of Love in Action! Celebrating the 3-Year Vision

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WP Article photo- 2014The time of the year is here for acknowledging, commemorating, and celebrating the third year anniversary of my vision for “Sistah’s Home – The Place of Love in Action!”  This luxurious resort is in tribute to the powerful, creative and loving African-American women, who share their humanity for the good of many.

The Mission: To be the premier place, where tributes to Sisterhood are evident throughout. Hospitality, Hope and Health are the Pavilions of our connected spirits and the avenues of our expression.

The Vision: To be an opulent waterfront international destination in Chicago, IL. People from around the world will feel the energy of African-American women and use “Sistah’s Home” – as a place of respite, renewal and rejoicing.


One Year Anniversary Celebration!CiderEnterprisesOur first year anniversary celebration is captured in the following video:

This third year anniversary will 391be commemorated differently. In addition to a champagne brunch celebration of friends, food, fun, and of course, music, I felt  that the people who have supported my mission would receive more value from my assessment of the vision and its “real” status.  Would I follow the vision another one, two or three years into the future?

In best assessing the vision, I look to see the gratitude of events, situations and circumstances.  Were there blessings anywhere?  Yes, yes, yes there have been many.  I consciously acknowledge gratitude for the vision of Sistah’s Home – The Place of Love In Action! even as we strive to establish it.authors smiles

As the dream continues moving forward into manifestation, I am most grateful for the people who believe in me. I know I am the visionary and yet I also know that it is the ‘spirit of many’ which will bring Sistah’s Home into fruition.  Thank you Universe for 402working in my favor!

My gift for “harnessing the energy of ideas and creating strategies to achieve desired goals” is in co-operation with the creative solutions and networks that will build the business of Sistah’s Home. Thanks to all my coaches who have guided me in the necessary processes.  I have worked on being the person I am with authority and confidence, unabashedly letting all who support me know that I am an open portal to growing my faith and hope in order to make it happen.

Perhaps the biggest 376project this past year has been to move the vision to a ‘regularly promoted’ concept. Through personal visits to more than seventy different physical locations, I have left contact information and more importantly, established new and re-established existing business relationships.  This is the refinement of my ‘social capital’ as it continues to grow.

Additionally, investing time and participation in programs like “Tech Thursday” seminars have provided better over-all management of data bases for on-line email and social media contacts.  Regularly scheduled text messaging has also been added to the promotion agenda.  These actions require dedicated time and are critical to setting up and refining customer relations and target marketing.  I am grateful that Chicago is a city which offers many free learning options.

During 2015, I will be introducing Ernest & Methe Cider Enterprises website which is the ‘landing page’ of Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love In Action! I will also have the book about Sistah’s Home available for purchase. This book will be a compelling story and key product, as I solicit cash support for building the resort.  I still believe that the completed vision will be blessed to open – mortgage free, and be endowed for generations to come!   This coming year will be more conducive to the development of Sister’s Home, as the business plan, budget and architectural renderings are established.  Click the DONATIONS link to make any size monetary contribution that will be greatly appreciated and readily received, especially now as the vision continues to unfold in a more focused, informed, and professionally supported direction.

The compartmental393ization of these tasks for completion and focus will be predicated upon the ‘Daily Living Habits’ of The National Block Club.  Founder Syron Smith created these topics and days of discussion as a focused way to help us address the needs of our community.  This daily process will serve as my accountability piece.

The Daily Living Habits’ focus topics are:

  1. Monday– Safety
  2. Tuesday– Education
  3. Wednesday– Economics/Entrepreneurship
  4. Thursday– Health/Fitness
  5. Friday– Seniors
  6. Saturday– Youth
  7. Sunday– Family Day

All of these “daily living habits” are expressions that reflect Sistah’s Home foundational roots of Hospitality, Hope and Health.

I appreciate your continuing this journey with me … as Precept upon Precept … and Line upon Line … is taken and applied to the inevitable erection of:

Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love In Action!

Peace and Love,

Claudette Redic
Queen Hostess

Cider Enterprises welcome your donations.

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