Delta Sigma Theta’s World Authors’ Tour and the Need for an Authors’ Showcase

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20141108_114808Recently, I attended the Delta Sigma Theta’s World Authors’ Tour, which has appeared in major cities and received outstanding reviews. As an avid reader of newspapers, magazines, books and now an abundance of emails and internet content of interest, I was pleasantly surprised to discover this great group of authors. These renowned authors of multiple genres have been traveling across the country for several years giving credence to the value of reading. Upon reading about them, I became excited enough to skip my leisurely planned Saturday and go out to attend their event.

20141108_103341To my delight when meeting them, they were a polished organized group of authors committed to Delta’s overall commitment to Literacy. During the panel discussion, each author shared their personal response to the moderator’s questions about their personal lives- how and when they came to a commitment to write their stories and their intentions in pursuing further work. Conversations were fascinating within this author group of global talent. This Chicago experience is one I look forward to next time.


20141108_105152The Delta Sigma Theta’s World Authors’ Tour and their participating authors were important indicators to me in the value of the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Calls for authors and people who love books. We provide unique opportunities for readers to speak live with our featured authors, from the comfort of their own environment. This benefit aligns with my primary intention to share my love of books, focusing on stories of “Over Comers.”

Likewise, the promotional component for participating authors has evolved in bringing public awareness to their victorious stories. Our multiple social media event notifications contain direct links to each author’s work and scheduled appearance; and we provide promotional photos and the MP3 format of the interview recording as an additional benefit and keepsake for the author’s personal network and marketing efforts.

A greater and growing need has been expressed for the Cider Enterprises “Authors Showcase” to assist authors in reaching expanded audiences of book lovers. If you are an accomplished or new author seeking increased awareness and sales of your published works, click the Authors Wanted link and contact us. Interested authors can be featured as early as January 2015. Let the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call assist you with your 2015 promotional plans and provide one of your “biggest bangs for the buck” experiences in expanded audience outreach.

Peace and more books to enjoy!

Queen Hostess Claudette

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