Releasing Negative Emotions with Gratitude and Solution-Based Answers

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Gina Pearson & Claudette Redic

Today was a day of release.  As I opened my eyes this morning, I felt joy and gratitude to experience a new day.  Mornings are my favorite.  I could see it was a clear day from my bed.  Underneath my warm covers, I was easily and effortlessly able to move my limbs around.  Gratitude was in my heart because I had lived to meet another day.  I felt wonderful and appreciative for all that I am, for all that I have, and for the peace of knowing that I could look forward to another day of grace.  I am so thankful for my life.  I wake up in expectancy.


wpid-20141205_160434_01.jpgHowever, I spent last week trying to work off negative emotions that were tense, angry, sad, and ever present at times.  I won’t lie, it required consulting with the Most High to get to this place of release.  The latest Grand Jury ruling regarding “no charges” against a white police officer for killing a black father of six for selling “loosies” (single untaxed cigarette sales) was a heartfelt issue for me.  In following the news and pundits, I became more enraged.  How dare “They” become a mantra? As a black mother of a son, sister of five brothers, and aunt of 24 nephews and 5 great nephews, something rose up inside of me that defied the verdict.  My Men do have VALUE!  I know them to have their peculiarities but foremost, I know that they are family men, who create music and art, and constantly contribute culturally, spiritually, physically and economically within the worlds that surround their existence.survival rules


I praise God for the wisdom I now have.  I was able to be in those emotions authentically; however, time, ascension and wisdom have shown me that those emotions do not produce the “Way Showers” results.  I am here to serve.  I am the example on earth of what can be done.  I will give myself to solutions more intentionally.  I can serve at the local school in some capacity.  It may only be to stand outside the school route as part of a ‘safe passage’ area; or I could participate with any local group to read to seniors, children, or volunteer more at my own church.  I am already a servant leader, but I see the need for better coordination of solution-based answers to serve a larger number of people.


I understand that many of us now have a “unifying” cause, and I and thousands of others know how to manage the importance and immenseness of it all.  I offer the following suggestions to get started:

  • Begin at home.  Get your household in sync with the new day of restoring control in our own homes.
  • Have conversations about safety for each household and family member. Talk about your family history – certainly there are many stories of ‘making it’ during perilous times and how the family combated them.
  • Gather in Spirit and in truth.  Universal Principles prevail, so get closer to knowing them and using them in your daily lives.


We cannot skip our personal responsibility and accountability in receiving the desires of our hearts. Gina Pearson, in her message at the New Dimensions Congregations’ church service, reminded us that we must get in touch with that place inside each of us where release is possible.  To access the place of peace inside, she invited us to inhale the ‘Breath of Life’ and release ALL outside of the ‘Now’.   She encouraged us to ‘Act Now’ to do the right thing at the right time, and release the fears and concerns that keep us from serving.  Know that Peace is in His will, Justice is in His will, and more importantly our Good Works are in His will.



Claudette Redic
Queen Hostess

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