Featured Guest Identifies Herself as a Christian Witch During Our Book Club Call

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Rev. Valerie Love on CiderThe Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call featuring Rev. Valerie Love was too hot to handle after she un-apologetically and unabashedly identified herself as a Christian Witch. Her statement left me speechless for a moment and had me pacing the floor of my home in quick time! Questions raced through my brain … What was I thinking featuring a Witch? What would my callers say?

Valerie LoveIn doing my research on Rev. Valerie, I had chose to ignore this ‘Magikal’ information she provided on her social media sites. I assumed that since she had so many other things she did “on the regular,” any call inquiries would be satisfied with the ‘traditional’ aspects of her work. After all, as a seasoned woman of many uplifting practices, products, thoughts and events, I knew Rev. Valerie had enough ‘good stuff’ to demonstrate being an “overcomer.” And based on the reports I had received from the many people I follow, I also knew she was able to tell her stories with love and enlightenment.

Well, Rev. Valerie did all I knew she could do and more. The effect she had on the line when she announced that she is a Christian Witch was unbelievable. One regular caller asked, “What does being a Christian Witch mean?” Simultaneously, a seemingly deep, silent, bottomless void-like energy permeated through the line from my other callers. I literally heard callers dropping off the line following her statement and subsequent elaboration. We also experienced technical difficulties, in that the call was not recorded as normal; and to date, I have yet to hear any responses from my ‘fundamentalist’ callers and supporters. It was truly a conversation that required an attentive listening ear and open-mind in order to understand Rev. Love’s explanation for identifying herself as a Christian Witch.

The fact that Rev. Valerie Love embraces many different modalities of healing frightens and unsettles some people; however, she is a divine expression of light and love that should be familiarized with before passing judgement. Rev. Valerie is also known as the “Divine Midwife of the Soul’s Destiny.” Yes, your soul has a destiny right here on this earth and you might want to catch this midwife while you can, here in America, because she will soon be moving to Bali, Indonesia, for real!

Fortunately, in lieu of the non-recorded Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call of Rev. Val’s Christian Witch experience defined,  I introduce the video, “How I became a Christian Witch,” she has posted on her YouTube channel. I believe this particular video captures the spirit and expression of our Conference Call conversation and I invite you to listen.

Visit LiveYourDestinyToday.com to get her books, listen to her diverse shows, join her at her live and virtual events, and also discover what a Christian Witch is for yourself! You may be one and not even know it!


Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Cider Enterprises Book Club

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