Author Helen Bevel Discusses the Significance of the Right-to-Vote Movement

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Can the Nonviolent Clinical Process (NCP) be used to AVERT violence this summer? Discussion and details in this book say, “Yes it can.” Helen L. Bevel is the wife of Rev. James L. Bevel, the man who has been dubbed as “The Father of the 1965 Nonviolent Right-to-Vote Movement” in Selma, AL. Helen compiled the book, “SELMA, The Spiritual Significance of the Nonviolent Right-to-Vote Movement, Demonstrated by Reverend James L. Bevel,” and says, “He may be the most important civil rights activist in the 20th century that you’ve never heard of.” Don’t miss having the true story that “All Truth Carries Proof” for yourself and the family. Join the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call number  218-339-9469 and enter pass code 20112# at 7PM on Thursday, April 16, 2015 to get an insider’s scoop about this historical “Right-to-Vote Movement” to change America. This call will conclude our third season until we resume with season four on September 17, 2015.

Helen Bevel- Selma BkThe 50th Anniversary of the “Right-to-Vote Movement” was commemorated with the Golden Jubilee (1965 – 2015) on Sunday, Mar. 8, 2015, as people across the world traveled to Selma, Alabama for the occasion. The publication of Helen’s book coincided with the release of the movie “Selma” and provides a deeper understanding of the reality of nonviolence. “Nonviolence is the science of applying love and truth to the solving of problems …With an understanding of the NCP, any person or community can radically and quickly bring about a solution to any problem that hampers the character and human development process.”

Reverend James L. Bevel’s demonstration of “these principles of love, truth, peace, freedom and justice were in his ‘voice’ of reason; his ‘work’ of healing and educating, and his ‘vision’ of his beloved community and world peace.” Helen L. Bevel, the wife of this theologian, statesman, agricultural scientist, clinician, scholar, husbandman, father, grandfather and brother, shares a first-hand account of her authentic insights and experiences.

I was especially interested in featuring this author and her book at the conclusion of the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call’s third season because it speaks of “overcoming” a systemic problem in our society. I wonder if with study and application, today and particularly during the summer months in Black and Hispanic communities, we could reduce the number of violent episodes. On this season finale conference call, we will discuss author Helen L. Bevel’s travels to the Golden Jubilee in Selma, AL and some spiritual and practical ways to implement immediate strategies from the ‘Right-to-Vote’ movement for the reduction and elimination of violence in our communities. Bring your family and friends to the call. I’ll be listening for you.


Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Cider Enterprises Book Club

2 thoughts on “Author Helen Bevel Discusses the Significance of the Right-to-Vote Movement

    Wendy said:
    July 7, 2015 at 8:23 PM

    James Bevel molested many of his daughters and was convicted. At around 9 years old Daughter Aaralyn (formerly Jamese) wrote a note to her mother Helen, telling her that she was being molested. Helen’s response was to tell her mother that she spelt “molest” incorrectly. In a 2010 interview, Helen makes a lot of ridiculous, bullshit, rationalizes excuses for her former husband and incest.


    Cider Enterprises - Claudette Redic said:
    August 5, 2015 at 4:00 PM

    Thank you for reading, commenting and making me aware. The facts of the book can not be disputed he did good for the movement. His personal demons were not part of the book call nor were Helen’s actions regarding the allegations. Peace


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