Graduation Reflections About My Business Development Process

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Claudette grad
Claudette Redic, Owner Cider Enterprises

Reflections about my business development process abound during this season of graduations. I am proud to be a graduate of the Sunshine Enterprises Community Business Academy. It confirmed my 2014 affirmation that “I AM more than enough!” and my conviction that “I deserve the best.” Completion dispelled the fears I had erected: I am too old to learn; I might have a hard time adjusting to a rigorous twelve weeks of study; would I be able to apply the information obtained to help myself and others too? And I can proudly declare, “Yes I can!” I practice and apply the things I learned about business for myself first and then with others. You see, I have to walk the talk and now feel fulfilled in getting my own house in order.

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It was during the week of the graduation that I reflected on the work I had finished and was amazed to see how my answered prayer for business clarity manifested into two additional achievements I had not fully assessed- a Certificate of Completion from Tech Thursdays AND a City of Chicago‘s Business Start-Up Certificate. I could not have better planned the content and timing even if I had known all I would learn. Both schools provided me with the current and legal way of doing official business in the city, state and beyond if I choose. They each had a focal point that covered the basics of business and defined areas of concentration.

Sunshine Enterprises Community Business Academy provided a place to learn business processes  and  clarify the specifics of your unique business.

The City provided:

  • Great workshops and seminars with knowledgeable and intriguing business owners and professionals.
  • Excellent marketing and production overviews.
  • Information designed to help business owners become aware of the many options available to them.
  • Well-rounded perspective on the trends and fads of small business success.

Tech Thursdays provided:

  • A wealth of communication platform information, and customer service management tools and practices that are foundational for successful businesses.
  • Business systems’ technical information to establish start-up businesses.
  • Many onsite vendors and providers to assist entrepreneurs interested in employing their recommendations.

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My feelings about graduating and completing several programs on entrepreneurship this year was succinctly described in two key statements shared by Debora M. Ricks, a recently featured guest on The Love Journey Inc weekday inspirational conference call. “GOD is better than perfect” and “DONE is better than perfect.” Ms. Ricks discussed her perspective on valuing and loving oneself and how these beliefs could help eliminate the excuses we create to avoid action. In holding to these two beliefs, I find I have a lot less to worry about. Certainly with The Master in charge, I’m divinely covered in every regard and how it might look or what others may think or say, is not my concern. As “One” with the ONE, I Am completely covered. My responsibility is to get the job done, finished, complete and in as much excellence as possible at the time. Whatever it is that needs to be done does not have to wait for perfection to be completed.

Final Reflections:

I realized that although I get paid to help others achieve “their desired solutions,” I was not “harnessing the energy” for my own company.  During the last quarter of 2014, I attended T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive weekend event and came away with my 2015 mantra – “I can learn to succeed.”  I vowed to open my mind and get the information I needed to be successful. I then began 2015 with a 21-day fast, which helped me gain clarity and define my business model: Cider Enterprises Business Coaching and Consulting Company’s conduit for assisting community businesses is Marketing, Production and Administration.

Information and help are available for those willing to invest in themselves and get what they need to do even more than before!  I am delighted to be so empowered and grateful that I have no student loans to repay.  My intention is to enjoy this summer and share my new learning with others who want to move their ideas and businesses forward.

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Claudette Redic
Cider Enterprises Owner

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