It’s a New Season: Fall with Me!

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Fall starts a new season that you are invited to journey through with me. It’s a new season for change and growth, personally and professionally. It’s time to make an adjustment Claudette … I said to motivate myself, using a paraphrased statement from one of Michael Jordan’s memorable interviews. The adjustment is the change required for me to be in the ‘moment of now’. I now make the mental shift from the season of summertime pleasures to fall’s beautiful changes and colors. I move forward without resistance as harvest time nears…



wpid-fb_img_1441087201233.jpgFall is also the time when the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call kicks off its new season. Our first featured author for season four is the dynamic Asadah Kirkland, author of “Beating Black Kids!” I find the subject matter appropriate for the start of the new school year, in that Asadah teaches us an alternative way of disciplining our children and prepares us to succeed. She discusses the mind shift that we, as parents and community, can embrace to assure the best development for our children. The book, “Beating Black Kids!” provides a historical perspective on the practice of ‘beating to mold conformity’ and offers a code of ethics to help change this age-old generational practice.

I appreciate Asadah’s passion and energy of commitment. She is an awesome presenter, who is available for appearances at scheduled events. Take this opportunity to hear and speak to the author for yourself on Thursday, September 17, 2015 from 7 – 8 pm CST on the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call, number (218) 339-9469, Access Code: 20112#. I’ll be listening for you!


Tech Thursday logoFall brings my focus back to orderly learning. Being a lifelong student of learning, I am a product of the Midwest school year – September through June. I look forward to my classes from Tech Thursdays Chicago in September every year because their workshops offer many opportunities to learn how to grow a small business and connect with other business owners or service providers.

I am proud to announce that Cider Enterprises will be featured during the September 17th Tech Thursday session when they will show how the use of social media has grown my business during the three years I have participated. I certainly look forward to their continued help in being an example for other business owners.


CE BannerCider Enterprises is a relationship based Business Coaching and Consulting Company. Our gift of “harnessing the energy of your ideas to help you reach your desired solutions” happens within collaborative relationships. To best serve communities, we commit to the village concept which may be based on demographics, concepts or targeted markets. Many faces of the village will be present in October when we celebrate the 4th Anniversary of “Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!

An additional highlight of this Fall season is the creation of the Cider Enterprises Facebook page which we invite you to visit, “Like” and Share, Share, Share. Our intention is to engage you continuously with our activities and news about good relationships, practices and processes for community business owners.

Therefore, join me in heralding in the new Fall season and let us spend it together, getting better acquainted and becoming great friends before winter arrives!


Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Cider Enterprises Book Club

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