A Valuable Way to Organize Your Time for Business

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Today, I offer a valuable way to organize your time for business because my clients frequently ask, “How can I make the best use of my available time for business?” My answer is simple and consists of three clear values in getting organized.

The answer is that you can make the best use of your time for business with a visual or calendar view of your activities. Having a calendar view of your business activities empowers you to:

  1. See a Snapshot View – Know at a glance what happens on any given day.
  2. Align Activities with Beliefs – Ensure that your business activities are in alignment with your Mission and Vision Statements.
  3. Alleviate Conflict – Plan important business events and dates in advance without conflict.

My Personal Experience Organizing Time for Business

I practice a weekly routine which starts off with my “Administrative Mondays.” I also personalized the “Business Cycle Calendar” model used by The Community Business Academy at Sunshine Enterprises to reflect business dates of importance.

In using the “Business Cycle Calendar,” instead of my appointment calendar or task list, I first allow myself the time to see a mental picture of my desired outcomes for the week. Another major motivator is a reminder of my three layer business metaphor – ‘a great cake of my creation.’ Regardless of project size, three of anything sounds doable to me.  These visualizations and other self-encouraging practices help me maintain a manageable perspective when considering the enormity of developing a successful business.

Recognizing my natural tendencies to create processes that promote greater access for more people is what makes this weekly practice important to me.  During the time, I create or review my processes for my next work, my Business Cycle Calendar enables me to keep my Vision and Mission statements active and present in my decisions; and allows me to better identify the next action steps to take.

Big events become more manageable. Looking at my Business Cycle Calendar, the September through April hosting schedule of the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call becomes easier to handle. Seeing the event dates at a glance on the Business Cycle Calendar makes it appear easier to accomplish.  Additionally, the value in organizing my time for business allows me the opportunity to contribute in giving back to my community of business entrepreneurs. Rhea Steale of Blue Ocean Logic and Joy Sigur Ramza of the Melody of Joy Institute are two entrepreneurs also aware of the value in using calendars to orchestrate their major business events. On my Business Cycle Calendar, I note important occasions of theirs; and to focus on collective efforts for changing our communities, I incorporate the seven ‘Daily Living Habits’ of the National Block Club University‘ – Safety, Education, Economics/Entrepreneurship, Health, Seniors, Youth and Family.

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wpid-20150916_111726.jpgTrust that you too can master and manage time for your business needs.  Keep the big picture clearly in mind and surround yourself with people and things that promote the Great Entrepreneur in you!

Let Cider Enterprises support you in eliminating calendar chaos and confusion. It’s time to schedule your appointment to harness the energy of creating personal calendars that serve you well.

Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Owner of Cider Enterprises

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