Are You Prepared for Opportunity?

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Are you prepared for opportunity? Community Based and Micro Business Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make the important and unique decisions that their businesses require.  Opportunity is a key element to success and Webster’s Dictionary provides a good working definition for those of us who have chosen to create “the great cake of our own” – a business.

Op`por`tu´ni`ty – Fit or convenient time or situation; a time or place permitting or favorable for the execution of a purpose; a suitable combination of conditions; suitable occasion; chance.

Cider Enterprises can actually help you “harness the energy of your ideas” with clear action steps that prepare you to make the most of a business opportunity.  Contact us for a consultation.

Scan_20150915My previous article references the Business Cycle Calendar, which gives you the visual ability to see-at-a-glance what your availability is for opportune times and situations.  Your purpose and mission will determine if the opportunity is a good fit for you, your family, your community and of course your business.

Convenience along with favorable and suitable conditions can occur more frequently for the prepared community business owner.  Your flexibility to make a decision without going to the “Board” for permission is a huge asset.  For example, consider this hypothetical scenario:

You open a community based transportation business to fill a need. Initially, your four vans are used only on the weekend, transporting families with special needs to visit prisoners.

Your community calls for bids that you believe your business can provide.  The ability to respond quickly is a great value of the micro enterprise.  A ready assessment of the necessary licensing requirements, the vans and drivers available during the required time, and a break-even point such that makes this opportunity well worth a quick submission of your bid.  Even though you know you will have to expand your administrative capabilities for compliance of bid approval requirements, your van transportation company is positioned and prepared for a great opportunity.

You the visionary, at the top of the cake, have foreseen this kind of opportunity.  You, the manager and sometimes the staff, operating in the middle of the cake, are well prepared.  This suitable combination of conditions seems to assure the success of this venture.  In this favorable climate, even the bottom of the cake, the investors – your friends, family and your own increased contributions – are convinced of enough cash-flow leverage. Your plans are sound enough that your local banker decides to help you “acquire another van.”

Claudette Redic

Are you prepared for opportunity?  Not certain of what your preparedness basics are? Need guidance creating a checklist of administrative processes and determining their value and uses to owner and regulatory entities?  Contact us at Cider Enterprises to help you harness those processes today.

A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.” – Bacon

Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Owner of Cider Enterprises

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