Tech Thursdays Chicago Features Cider Enterprises for Social Media Presence

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Claudette Redic of Cider Enterprises
Claudette Redic of Cider Enterprises

Cider Enterprises – Business Coaching and Consulting – was the featured business for Social Media Presence, during Tech Thursdays Chicago workshop on October 22, 2015 at Malcolm X College. As owner of Cider Enterprises and the visionary of Sistah’s Home – The Place of Love in Action! I, Claudette Redic, put my ‘Big Girl Panties’ on and authentically stepped to the podium with confidence and the anniversary mantra of Sistah’s Home. I am who I say I am: I am worthy, I am deserving, I am capable, and I am purposed to be of service to me and others.

Yet, prior to my presentation on this significant day, I left home running late with feelings of anger and considerable less worthiness of the honor afforded to me. Being late represents unpreparedness. My negative emotions and thoughts about myself were being reflective of this judgement I held about life. However, I countered that thought and shifted the emotion by remembering that one of the reasons I was chosen as a featured business was because I overcame many such fallacies about myself. I really do know and believe that the Universe is friendly to my desires and I am who I say I am. The comments and compliments that followed the presentation confirmed that my audience felt and believed my affirmations also.

Tech Thursday logoCider Enterprises’ Social Media Presence was showcased with a skillfully crafted a presentation by Rhea Steele and Brian E. Powers of Blue Ocean Logic. They chronicled my growth in the use of social media that included my hiring the professional services of Jo Anne Meekins, founder of Inspired 4 U Ministries, LLC. This combination of increased visibility and value in the intentional use of social media has provided me with another sense of influence and accomplishment.

Happy Anniversary to Cider Enterprises and the vision of Sistah’s Home – The Place of Love in Action!

Sistah's Home







Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Owner of Cider Enterprises



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