Disciplined to Win – Part 2

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In the Disciplined to Win – Part 1 article, I began the discussion regarding the discipline of planning.   I conveyed Cider Enterprises’ multiple need to create a significant digital presence in my three-fold business plans. Participating in free courses, workshops, classes and webinars helped me identify the available platform options, costs and tech requirements; and I planned the production of a blog as my first  platform.

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Ron Hubbard’s booklet, “Targets and Goals,” includes an ‘Administrative Scale’ (planning tool) that I found useful for my blog.  This Scale is a technology in and of itself- a simple and manageable format for both initial and advanced stages of planning.

Within the Scale, every process contains basic steps of decision and design. All workable plans answer the following three questions that I ask myself before I invest time into any plan:

  1. Who will be there?
  2. What is the worthwhile purpose of the action to be taken?
  3. Who will take responsibility?

In answer to Cider Enterprises’ first digital presence – the blog:

  1. I would be there to produce content.
  2. The worthwhile purpose of the action being taken was to have a comfortable (I like to write) and consistent way to communicate with people.
  3. I hired a professional writer to take responsibility for reviewing and editing my blog articles before posting.

To illustrate the projects within the blog plans, I disclose my own process. One of the first projects was to develop my contact list into a ‘customer management’ system and I answered the same three questions before I began the project:

  1. A hired professional would be there to collect, sort and organize my 1800+ contacts from several sources and convert them into an Excel spread-sheet that could be easily exported to each of my platforms.
  2. A *CRM* system’s worthwhile purpose is better and broader communication with my contacts.
  3. I took the responsibility to provide and check the accuracy of necessary information for the hired staff.

Planning is an on-going practice and discipline that empowers you with the best ingredients in every layer of your planned ‘cake of business!’ Hopefully, my “Disciplined to Win – Part 1 and 2” articles have increased your awareness and reinforced the importance in the discipline of planning.

Call Cider Enterprises to help harness the energy of your ideas with strategic planning and actionable steps to achieve your worthwhile purpose and goals.

***Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach to managing a company’s interaction with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.*** (Wikipedia)


Claudette Redic,
Owner of Cider Enterprises

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