2016 – The Year of Completion

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riseup1.jpgI declare 2016 as “The Year of Completion!”  In keeping with tradition for a New Year, I also have a few predictions, expectations and desires for 2016.   I predict that: Entrepreneurship will be more greatly influenced by the politics of the youth and women; and many economic engines will be ignited by their direct action to create more accessibility and accountability in the existing systems.  I expect that I will attract more clients seeking excellence of service through the Cider Enterprises Business Coaching and Consulting network of partners.  I desire that the physical evidence of “Sistah’s Home – The Place of Love in Action!” is manifested here this year.

My timeout during the holidays was truly a blessing to me. I made time to personally connect and interact with family, friends and associates, face to face. Because I love people, especially those sharing in celebratory expressions, I attended banquets, dinners, brunches, breakfasts, concerts, caroling, theater, and both private and museum hosted gallery exhibits. In addition, I hosted my 21st Kwanzaa – Umoja event, attended by some of the ‘best people’ in my acquaintance and definitely several of the greatest musicians and thought leaders of our time.

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Dr. WrightIt All Adds UpMy spirit is uplifted by my hope for the New Year. The January Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call features Rev. Dr. Craig E. Wright, author of “It All Adds Up.” Dr. Wright’s book poses new considerations for me in defining my actions for 2016 that can result in completion of plans already underway. His use of numbers to “overcome” mis-taken directions on his life paths and subsequent lessons learned enables him to assist others in the utilization of the charted numbers to create a pathway to success of their own choice.

I enter this New Year period filled with appreciation for the presence of people, venues and themes to reflect upon more in depth during 2016. Yes, I am Happy with the New Year! Processor that I am, ordering and organizing at the start of the New Year is ideal. Many like minds are already at work, prioritizing plans of action. I try not to make my decisions about direction of focus too complex. Mind, Body and Spirit prevail and I see my life in alignment.

Harnessing the energy of ideas to reach desired business solutions fulfills my mind’s natural propensity to create business coaching and consulting strategies. Health and ecology consciousness that supports strong bodies and organic food production is nurtured and sustained through my involvement in urban farming and the youth in groups, such as Teena’s Legacy. I also engage in the plant based Daniel Fast for 21 days to start my personal quest for clarity and direction during this time.

Contact me if you are also interested in declaring this a year of completion and require support to make it a reality. I also invite you to hear how “It All Adds Up” by joining me and Dr, Wright on the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016 @ 7 pm CT/ 8 pm ET. Call# 218-339-9469, access code 20112#.


Queen Hostess Claudette Redic,
Owner of Cider Enterprises


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