First Quarter Plans for Growth: Let’s Go!

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During the first quarter of 2016, Cider Enterprises Business Coaching and Consulting will become a Limited Liability Company (LLC).  Many proposed collaborations require our company to be bigger in scope, liability and opportunity options.  As we transition, we intend to share our process with a discussion about some of the contracts, forms and agreements Cider Enterprises will utilize and the value reason for those choices.

You may recall, in the 2016 – The Year of Completion article, how much I looked forward to our expected 2016 growth.  Well, the year has already begun successfully in terms of up-leveling my life: I have super friends, a much deeper connection with my network of partners, and my personal team is better deployed for the value they bring.  I am also flushed with unexpected gifts and some clearly defined goals for my business.

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action plan button-892144_960_720My year-end assessment enabled me to see the progress made throughout 2015.  The Analytics, accessible through the software application and social media platform, were a useful tool to determine the numbers of visitors and engagement.  Yes! Entrepreneurs can make practical decisions regarding their money and time by analyzing where they are and what they’re working with.  However, I caution against basing your final decision on the numbers as your only parameter.  If you have proposed changes for your business and feel that you could benefit from a complimentary consultation with Cider Enterprises Business Coaching and Consulting, LLC before finalizing any decisions, contact us today to determine if you are on the right track. The business of Cider Enterprises is to “harness the energy of your ideas and help you arrive at your desired solutions.”

Our business growth continues to shine as a beacon for other community entrepreneurs.  Testimonies and comments shared have indicated “Likes” for growing our social media presence and networking experiences. The year is already shaping up with some marked collaborative endeavors that will enhance and prosper more of us who are connected. I invite you to follow our 2016 quarterly plans for completing several major goals of the Cider Enterprises Business Coaching and Consulting Company, as we continue to measure and publicly hold ourselves accountable.


Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Owner of Cider Enterprises


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