Fourth Season of Cider Enterprises Book Club Returns September 15

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Welcome back to the Cider Enterprises Book Club Blog.  The fourth season of our Conference Call begins on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 7PM Central Standard Time with a NEW CALL-IN NUMBER at 218-548-7622, Access Code is 20112#.

Our focus on ‘Over-Comers’ will feature several Chicago based authors and promoters who tell their stories of overcoming Chicago’s Literary Desert.  And in recognition of the 100th year of the Great Migration, we will also feature personal stories from authors who’ve experienced a time period when ‘failure was not an option.’

13909065_10208734437591928_4339919626153792773_oOur first guest of the season is Asadah Kirkland, the Soulful Chicago Book Fair founder and promoter.  Asadah and her book, “Beating Black Kids,” was also featured last season on the Cider Enterprises Book Club. Since then, she has elevated her status and increased her accomplishments to produce the first Black Literary Art Fair. To her credit, Asadah not  only sold the City and corporate sponsors on the idea, but she additionally gathered an overflow of quality authors from a multitude of genre’s to the extent that  Soulful Book Fair is already set for 2017! 14215246_10208976599125815_1731920680_o

Join the conversation on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 7 PM and hear Asadah’s story of overcoming the many barriers to manifest the Soulful Chicago Book Fair.   If you know anything about Chicago’s ‘cliques, klacks and clucks,’ you will delight in hearing how Asadah made her vision an unmitigated success. Call in to listen up and ask any questions too.

During the month of October, Cider Enterprises Book Club will host an “Appreciation Ceremony” for season three’s over-comer authors.  They will be publicly acknowledged at the Stony Island Arts Bank as we celebrate in collaboration with the “Reading the Black Library” event.  The evening activities will include readings, enactments and music.

November and December holiday season will feature more inspirational stories, including a few child authors and storytellers, discussing the obstacles they overcame to get their works published.

In the New Year, Cider Enterprises Book Club will continue with featured stories on overcoming mental health issues with our elderly, plus a critical medical issue concerning Black women.  We will conclude our fourth season with stories from “My Sistahs” who have newly published books about their overcoming experiences.

I excitedly look forward to an eventful and enlightening season that offers ‘meaningful and interactive conversation’ with Queen Hostess Claudette, overcomer authors, invited friends and family, and the interested public.  I’ll be listening for you.


Queen Hostess Claudette Redic,
Owner of Cider Enterprises



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