A Month for Manifesting Miracles and Love

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In light of the annual Valentine’s Day hoopla and romance energy that permeates the atmosphere, February – that sacred time of the Aquarius – is an opportune month for manifesting miracles and love. It is also the month we celebrate Black History and my birthday on the 11th (Yeah Claudette!). And because I am ever the romantic optimist and cheerleader for the underdog, it is imperative that I make room for joyful periods during the cold winter months. So, I am happy to announce that Cider Enterprises Book Club is featuring author Zakiyyah Ameedah (Zee) and her book, “Jamaica: A Memoir of Miracles, Manifestations, Love,” on the February 16th conference call at 7 pm.


Jamaica: A Memoir of Miracles, Manifestations, Love” is a story about the life of Zee, who dreamed as azakiyyah-bk-cover young woman that one day she would live on a Caribbean Island. Zee shares her journey through childhood molestation, drug addiction, and abuse at the hands of the men she loved. In this Memoir, Zee takes you on her journey of overcoming addiction, and abuse and manifesting her dreams. She learns that love and forgiveness are the way to freedom. Through prayer, Zee learns she is no longer a victim, but rather the creator of her own experience and destiny. The island of ‘One Love,’ became her healing place and taught her life’s lessons and the miracles of unconditional love.”

The stories Zakiyyah shares make my ‘cuddle in’ time even more valuable.  She provides a deeper understanding of how “overcoming” life changing circumstances occur even while experiencing our most desired dreams.  Most certainly for me, she substantiates the truth every ‘overcomer’ comes to realize – Strength comes from within!

As an entrepreneur, vision board coach, and minister, Zakiyyah Ameedah loves to inspire and encourage others through her writing and lives her life as ‘one who gives support’.  Join Zakiyyah and I on Thursday, Feb. 16, 2017 at 7 PM CST. Call (218)548-7622, access code 20112# to discuss her interview and ask questions about her life of miracles, manifestations and true love.

I’ll be listening for you,

Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Owner of Cider Enterprises

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