Season 4 Concludes: Learn methods to stem conflict & violence in self and others

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Greetings My Friends;

Featured author Dr. Lewis C. Baskins, “Uncover the Missing Peace: Dissolve Resentment Avoid Anger” is the ‘prophetic’ closure to the Fourth season of the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call.  On April 20, 2017, Dr. Baskins and Betty Muhammad will share their ‘over-coming’ techniques for stemming conflict and violence in ourselves, the family and the larger community.  They share proven methods to create peaceful co-existence.

After having seen and heard Dr. Baskins speak at a Building Our Posterity Business (B.O.P.) Center meeting, I was immediately taken in and moved to find out more about him. His offer of free workshops to teach and train others convinced me of his mission.  In my mind, his book became a lightning rod for what I could personally do to help stem Chicago’s rash of violent attacks.  I know that it is easier to train a child than to mend broken adults, so with school being out soon much of my summer will be spent with the children.   Perhaps callers on the line will do like the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call and increase awareness that the answer is in the Now.

Dr. Baskins, a retired dentist, has used his commitment to a life of a higher quality in many ways.  Upon reflection, I discovered that I knew of him years ago.  In fact, I had actually visited his lake-view home for a business presentation someone hosted there.  I have also observed him in other community places playing chess with the Masters, and during many years of shared experiences at the Soul Vegetarian Restaurant. Knowing me and my talkative self, I probably chatted with him too.  I did not know him as an author then, but he always distinguished himself with a suit and tie wherever he appeared.  My newfound awareness of Dr. Baskins certainly confirms the statement that ‘the celebrity I know now was not an overnight sensation; he’s been at his craft and essence for years’.

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As this fourth season concludes, “I Thank You,” every caller and supporter, who participated in making this our most ‘listened to’ season so far.  These past four years have offered me access to the talents of many ‘thought leaders’ with their stories of over-coming some of life’s most challenging moments. We have had meaningful conversations on each call, starting this last season with Asadah Kirkland’s story of founding the Soulful Chicago Book Fair, which featured many child authors, and how she ‘over-came’ several cultural and political practices to produce Chicago’s first Black Literary event of this magnitude.   We end with Dr. Baskins’ “Uncover the Missing Peace,” which brings attention back to the children and our purpose to create posterity.  I look forward to using my learned skills of conflict reduction and violence avoidance to conduct myself as an instrument of Peace.  Call (218) 548-7622, Access Code 20112# and join us on April 20, 2017 at 7 pm CT. I’ll be listening for you.



Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Owner of Cider Enterprises

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