Season Four Reflections, Gratitude, Praise and Next Season Projections

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Cider Enterprises Book Club concluded Season Four on their April 20th conference call with featured author Dr. Lewis Baskins and Betty Muhammad, discussing his book “Uncover the Missing Peace.” And just like Tasha Cobbs expresses in her song, I’m gonna “Put A Praise On It” in appreciation for all of the authors, readers, listeners and technological support I received during this season.  I offer up praise in gratitude for the many creative thoughts and ideas I harnessed to showcase the great works of Season Four’s authors.  Each author had life-altering experiences that revealed their overcoming spirits.   To Asadah Kirkland, Kathleen Robinson, Carla L. Hawkins, Wanda Jenkins Clemons, Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, King Teasdell, Zakiyah Ameedah, Dr. Janice Fortman and Dr. Lewis C. Baskins – my sincere thanks to each of you. Your presence in this season met the goal.


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The Cider Enterprises Book Club conference call is a platform for independently published authors who are willing to invest in themselves and the promotion of their message. For a nominal fee, interested authors can receive a comprehensive campaign that includes: three weeks of ‘author tagged’ social media notifications with book purchase links prior to appearance; a blog post; an Amazon Book Review; a YouTube posted replay; and public recognition at the Annual Author Appreciation Ceremony.  In addition to the ease of author/audience participation during our meaningful conversations, our listeners are ever increasing. They appreciate the convenience in which they can talk directly to the featured author.

The Cider Enterprises team leader – Jo Anne Meekins has made this platform one of value, consistently and in excellent order.  Thank you, Jo Anne, for raising the ante and the reality of greater rewards.  My sincere appreciation to Janine Ann Ingram of The Love Journey, Inc. and Joy Sigur of The Melody of Joy Institute for your encouraging and limitless support.   Every legacy building business endeavor is like ours at the core with visionaries, doers, promoters and guides, who are essential for its success.

The authors, who were a part of our dynamic and engaging Season Four, represent a multitude of exciting people who are presently experiencing new chapters in their stories.  They live full-out and continue to serve others.  They sing, they teach, they speak, they preach, and their actions demonstrate their authenticity in person, purpose and passion.  As a new author, they are proof to me that we are indeed creators. They have awakened a new value in me that took more than ego to produce.  It took a commitment to write and the courage to release my words to the world.

Remember, Season Five of the Cider Enterprises Book Club is at hand, so stay tuned for forthcoming announcements about our plans. In the meantime, know that we are investigating the incorporation of a visual platform; and also intend for ‘intentional fun circles,’ citywide activities devoted to ‘Dreamers without Drama’; as well as, the experience of many literary events.  This is our time to meet new authors in person and enjoy a summer filled with works of transformation from next season authors.  And last but not least, Season Five will begin on September 21, 2017 at 7 pm, featuring your very own Queen Hostess Claudette Redic and her new release “Instant Ain’t Everything: Profitable Legacy Building Comes Over Time”.  I’ll be listening and looking for you!


Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Owner of Cider Enterprises


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