Happy Holidays Create Profitable Legacies

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In another powerful example of “Instant Ain’t Everything – Profitable Legacy Building Comes Over Time” I reflected on my son’s first Christmas.

Paul .jpg
Our first Christmas- 1980

I was a single mother coming from a tradition of Christmas celebrations.  My church, my community, my school and my family were caught up with celebrating the Savior’s birth.  By the time of Paul’s first Christmas, we had only recently begun to acknowledge Kwanzaa and I was still into the mindset of a few presents, a new outfit, food and family and let me not forget Church.   It was that relationship I had with the Church that gave me second thoughts about my moral right to even celebrate such a holy day with my having a son outside of marriage.  I started reaching into my ‘New Thought’ or metaphysical teachings and found value in celebrating the life of Jesus – The Way shower.  The spiritual principles Jesus lived by made it possible for me to make the shift in my beliefs and appreciate the time I have as a mother, sharing the beauty of the occasion (even if not religiously correct) with my son and others.

That first Christmas, I knew a lot of single people and they were so supportive of Paul and me.  I did my ‘hospitality essence thang’ with my holiday cooking and invited people over, only to have to settle an argument over who would pose as Paul’s dad for the Christmas pictures.  It was hilarious as the guys took the time to say why they were the “real daddy” and I ended up having four different poses from four wonderful men. Each of them would have been a good Dad. 20171220_112529.jpg In creating the tradition of celebrating the life we have, I can see the legacy fulfilled in my son.  He too, finds it important to share with others. I meet his neighbors and friends with children, who give praises to his spirit of giving and I am grateful.

I don’t recall if today I awakened with the words “Thank You” coming out of my mouth, but I do know I awakened excited about getting up.  I am in Las Vegas visiting my grown son, Paul. He brought brand new sheets just for me and I am feeling great! The usual cigarette and J accompanied me to the bathroom and the morning rituals began.  I have my own form of meditation and it enables me to empower my day. Not really being a bath person, my hot pulsating shower allows me the time to “wash it all away and envision the new.” This is a timeless technique I use for cleansing my mind and body. Afterwards my time for lubrication requires me to touch each body part and acknowledge the good that it serves in me.  As I am focusing on each body part that I am adorning with lotions and potions, I give thanks.  In the thankfulness I can feel how fortunate I am to have a healthy body that functions at capacity. I am grateful!

It is just a few days before Christmas and I am exhilarated to be alive.

Paul - Me .jpg
Christmas 2017

The inner humming that I had as a child in anticipation of Christmas coming, is spreading throughout my mind and body.  My son’s lovely space has order and spaciousness, but not a drop of Christmas reflected anywhere!  No problem, that’s why I came to be with him during the holidays.  We are situated in an ideal location for my sensibilities.  We’ve got the brick and mortar malls nearby filled with special deals, the 99 Cent stores compete with the Dollar stores and I can see a Goodwill, a Salvation Army and several consignment shops.  We will have some Christmas and Kwanzaa cheer before the day ends. Legacy appreciation also comes with time.

Happy Holidays

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Instant Ain’t Everything: Profitable Legacy Building Comes Over Time

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