Authors Wanted

Cider Enterprises is currently seeking authors, who are “Over-Comers,” to feature
during the September 2017 through April 2018 showcase of its monthly Book Club Conference Calls.

CIDER ENTERPRISES BOOK CLUB CONFERENCE CALL continues its mission to feature books focused on people who have overcome life altering situations. The details and inspiration their stories provide is what Cider Enterprises wants to share with the world. The value received in retaining hope has been shared by featured authors since our inception in 2011. Our guests have discussed their books and personal victories on topics that have included being abandoned with children in a foreign land; losing everything after Hurricane Katrina; completing a powerfully acclaimed book of inspiration while literally going blind; being the offspring of a rapist and a drug addicted mom; and a renowned actor, singer and son told the story of redemption in learning to love his dad. There has also been time devoted to studying and discussing the tenets of world famous ‘Thought Leaders’ and their influence on society-at-large. Additionally, Cider Enterprises has showcased economical resources for authors seeking to publish their works.

Rave reviews from authors and callers about the-ease-of-participation on the Cider Enterprises Book Club ConferenceClaudette 1 Call are the norm and have been a delight to many. Callers love the personal access and ability to express their love of books from the comfort of their own homes and the authors genuinely love the ability to promote their work from anywhere they may be at the time. Our featured authors appreciate being directly connected to interested readers and have reported on the measurable value as with increased sales, promotional materials, and the recorded interview for personal use. Many have gone on to expanded opportunities for exposure within the Cider Enterprises Network of Partnerships.

Whether well-seasoned or brand new, our Featured Authors can use the benefits listed below to their advantage for a nominal fee:



  • Featured article on Cider Enterprises Blog with promo pictures of author, book; favorite music or artwork included to give audience a greater personalized experience, and a link for book purchase on Amazon, other preferred retailer, or website.
  • Access to and physical distribution of promotional materials at live events, such as book club meetings, book-signings, libraries and other literary places of interest.
  • Social Media Exposure on Eventbrite, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn via created events, page posts, and invites emailed to customized lists. Forwarding, post, share, and invite accessibility for authors’ use with personal email lists and social media pages.
  • Posting notifications on the fore-mentioned social media platforms twice a week, during the two-week period prior to the broadcast, provided authors are connected with Queen Hostess Claudette Redic’s networks.
  • Media posts on day of and text message reminders hours before conference call.

Post Broadcast

  • Copy of recorded conversation for personal use.
  • Review on or an online book retailer of choice.
  • Social Media “Comment” and “Like” on one personal or business page of choice.
  • Six-month placement on Authors Showcase page.

Cider Enterprises’ multi-network marketing campaigns can assist authors in reaching more targeted markets and expand book sales. As we continue to grow with committed authors and callers, let Cider Enterprises share your story with our network of book lovers and showcase you as a guest on our monthly book club conference call. I can hardly wait for your book to be featured on the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call in the 2017 – 2018 5th season.

ACT NOW! Submit your information in the contact form below:


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    […] Authors Wanted […]


    […] Authors Wanted […]

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