Happy Holidays Create Profitable Legacies

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In another powerful example of “Instant Ain’t Everything – Profitable Legacy Building Comes Over Time” I reflected on my son’s first Christmas.

Paul .jpg
Our first Christmas- 1980

I was a single mother coming from a tradition of Christmas celebrations.  My church, my community, my school and my family were caught up with celebrating the Savior’s birth.  By the time of Paul’s first Christmas, we had only recently begun to acknowledge Kwanzaa and I was still into the mindset of a few presents, a new outfit, food and family and let me not forget Church.   It was that relationship I had with the Church that gave me second thoughts about my moral right to even celebrate such a holy day with my having a son outside of marriage.  I started reaching into my ‘New Thought’ or metaphysical teachings and found value in celebrating the life of Jesus – The Way shower.  The spiritual principles Jesus lived by made it possible for me to make the shift in my beliefs and appreciate the time I have as a mother, sharing the beauty of the occasion (even if not religiously correct) with my son and others.

That first Christmas, I knew a lot of single people and they were so supportive of Paul and me.  I did my ‘hospitality essence thang’ with my holiday cooking and invited people over, only to have to settle an argument over who would pose as Paul’s dad for the Christmas pictures.  It was hilarious as the guys took the time to say why they were the “real daddy” and I ended up having four different poses from four wonderful men. Each of them would have been a good Dad. 20171220_112529.jpg In creating the tradition of celebrating the life we have, I can see the legacy fulfilled in my son.  He too, finds it important to share with others. I meet his neighbors and friends with children, who give praises to his spirit of giving and I am grateful.

I don’t recall if today I awakened with the words “Thank You” coming out of my mouth, but I do know I awakened excited about getting up.  I am in Las Vegas visiting my grown son, Paul. He brought brand new sheets just for me and I am feeling great! The usual cigarette and J accompanied me to the bathroom and the morning rituals began.  I have my own form of meditation and it enables me to empower my day. Not really being a bath person, my hot pulsating shower allows me the time to “wash it all away and envision the new.” This is a timeless technique I use for cleansing my mind and body. Afterwards my time for lubrication requires me to touch each body part and acknowledge the good that it serves in me.  As I am focusing on each body part that I am adorning with lotions and potions, I give thanks.  In the thankfulness I can feel how fortunate I am to have a healthy body that functions at capacity. I am grateful!

It is just a few days before Christmas and I am exhilarated to be alive.

Paul - Me .jpg
Christmas 2017

The inner humming that I had as a child in anticipation of Christmas coming, is spreading throughout my mind and body.  My son’s lovely space has order and spaciousness, but not a drop of Christmas reflected anywhere!  No problem, that’s why I came to be with him during the holidays.  We are situated in an ideal location for my sensibilities.  We’ve got the brick and mortar malls nearby filled with special deals, the 99 Cent stores compete with the Dollar stores and I can see a Goodwill, a Salvation Army and several consignment shops.  We will have some Christmas and Kwanzaa cheer before the day ends. Legacy appreciation also comes with time.

Happy Holidays

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Instant Ain’t Everything: Profitable Legacy Building Comes Over Time

Oh Yes, The Beat Does Go On!

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I learn from leaders.  A very, very strong, resourceful and highly effective mentor of mine recently gave another masterful lesson.  In her teaching, she gave me much to consider about myself and my beliefs in the face of opposition.  In my dreams and desires for my life I already know many people will be drawn to me to help me achieve my goals.  Even with this awareness I also know that I will encounter those who will not be in agreement.  The Master Mentor, who is always looking for ways to help others, shared invaluable tools to help me stay committed to my own success.

Her first line of protection for her teachings was to create a system to capture her work that allows her the ability to “re-play” that work. It not only provides help to others who may have missed the original presentation; it is also a system of accountability.  Those of us who have not firmed up our own accountability system must do so in our quest for greatness.  I need to consistently review my work and see that it matches my plans and goals.  Do I have integrity with my word, do I follow-up on the things I have said?

Secondly, the Master Mentor made it clear that you need to be clear and decisive about your purpose.  Often times in facing the opposition we react defensively and began refuting the situation as opposed to focusing in on that crystal clear knowing about our true purpose.  She used her explanations and expressions of who she was as offensive statements.  She listened to the opposing views and politely continued to state what and why she was.  She did not waiver in her stand.  Her opposition had included angry and abusive comments, people who let her know that she did not meet their expectations of what and how she should express herself.  For me, the old way would have been to go on the defense, shoot them down with my rage, and or my indignation and denial, and most probably, a few choice curse words.

During this class, she demonstrated other powerful aspects of a leader.  I had been reviewing Che and Trevor’s Social Media Power www.cheandtreavor.com just before the class and her responses appeared as though she were reading from the same document!  …Step 38.– Be Polite -she was that the entire time; Step 39. Advertise Successes- she did this with her stories of the many praises for information provided and so on.  She addressed the issues and allowed open discussion.  And guess what – in her freedom to allow ‘discussion’ she received nothing other than applauses for her stand.   What a divinely inspired class!


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LaShun Pace’s powerful song “He Keeps On Doing Great Things For Me“, describes my life as His beloved child.  In the last Cider Enterprises blog I talked about the merits of our featured author and book for Cider Enterprises Book-Club Conference Call – to be held today, Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 7PM until 8:30 PM CST.  Our free Teleconferencing Line is 218-548-7274, Access Code 2012211#.   Our “Overcomer” this time is – Myrtle D. Russell.  She will personally join us and accentuate her powerful messages in  the  book.  We look forward to hearing her own words about her life and her works.

Myrtle D. Russell, author of FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW “A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams” has provided an instructive and practical tool for transforming your life.  I like to keep things in an orderly way Cider Myrtle

in my life and as I was evaluating goals for 2013, Myrtle’s book was gifted to me (Thanks!)  It perfectly complimented the studies I had been pursuing on how to use the tools I have been learning to live a better life.  My daily prayer group, The Love Journey, Inc., facilitated by Janine A. Ingram, has been helping me to better understand my own worthiness and deserve-ability, to define it and meditate on affirmations that express in spoken words.  My pastor, Bishop Carlton Pearson,   has also been giving a similar message on a global level – we are worthy and deserve all the goodness; and along comes Myrtle with an easy guide for those who may not even have a spiritual grounding.  The world is thirsting for tools and communities of people who offer life changing ways to peaceful and fulfilled living.

Myrtle begins the book describing what she means by the term “traveling wounded’.  She says “Many of us are living with unresolved childhood issues that prevent us from fully expressing who we really are and keep us from living the lives we deserve to live”.  She asks the important questions, “What’s holding you back?  What keeps you from living your dreams?  Have you stopped dreaming?  Her answer is conclusive – “Whatever your issues are, you can bet that your thinking played a major role in the outcome”.  She helps us to change old patterns of thought by starting with the commitment to make a change.  There must be committed time to solving our problems that has no allowance for ‘turning back’.  It also contains a “willingness to trust the process and not sabotage our progress”.  Just an hour a day can lead to consistency and focus.  Writing your goals down is ‘key’ in actualizing the mental commitment.  All my spiritual guides value the importance of getting it in writing.   It cements’ the agreement.  In FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW Myrtle provides a sample contract to allow for your own areas of change.  Journaling becomes the record of your commitment and it gives all the needed room for expressing emotions and thoughts.

Myrtle D. Russell’s “…Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams” offers that “Pain is inevitable…but suffering is self-inflicted and can be avoided when you free your mind and align with the divine spirit…”  Forgiveness is a monumental tool to freedom.  Self-love is described as “an inside job which means first you have to be happy, and then you share your happiness with others”.  Nothing outside will fill the ‘empty space’ within.  “Show yourself Some Love” is more than a chapter title in the book and using the ‘butterfly’ activities inside will help you to do it.  Many more invaluable tools are in FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW “A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams”. 

Make enough time to purchase or download your copy today,  Thursday, January 31, 2013.  Join us from 7PM until 8:30 PM CST.  Our free Teleconferencing Line is 218-548-7274, Access Code 2012211#.  Have your personal questions and comments ready for Myrtle on our greatly anticipated Cider Enterprises Book-Club Conference CallVisit MyrtleRussell@Facebook.com page to find out more of her accomplishments.   Contact me at 312-437-1411 or email ciderenterprises@yahoo.com and simply say “Yes, I’ll be Listening”.

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic

“FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW” A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams

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Kurt Carr – That’s Why I Praise Him features the 2013 beliefs I’m focusing on. There is so much to give praise for.  I’m chronicling my own Gratitude Journal daily. I have a number of passions and finding the time for them becomes a creative process. Much of my time for reading occurs while on buses, trains or waiting at appointments and events. But my unending love of reading allows me to pursue it in fun ways today. I look for, find and promote authors who have overcome something in life. I love their stories as inspiration for ordinary people like me. They provide hope, encouragement and that “sure thing”- the necessary work, to make their changes.

My “voice of thunder” on the Cider Enterprises Book-Club Conference Call would like you to embrace my featured “Overcomer”, Myrtle D. Russell. Call in on Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM CST. Our free Teleconferencing Line is 218-548-7274 , Access Code 2012211#.

Myrtle D. Russell, author of FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW “A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams”, is a long term sister-friend. We also have a wonderful niece in common. Even with a view of a person’s life, you really have to leave room in your perception of them for the unseen. Myrtle’s dynamic book revealed so much that I had no clue about that was going on in her life. Rightfully so, this is the time that Myrtle chooses to reveal to us, her journeys.  She has a pin-pointed, principled way of helping others to heal their pasts and live their dreams, now.  Cider Myrtle

Myrtle has spent more than thirty-two years of service as a nurse, an educator, an administrator, and a lifestyle coach. She says”… when it comes to promoting health and well-being, I have seen, heard, read, and experienced enough to know that if you keep doing it the same old way, you end up with the same results – a broken system, broken parts, and broken people”. In this wonderful and insightful book to help those of us looking for a guide, a tool, a process, or a coach to help us realize our dreams, FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW” does it. It is a simple, easily understood map for doing just that – changing your life and living your dreams. This powerful “Step-by-Step” guide, if followed, will give you a proven path to actualizing your dream. I appreciate Myrtle‘s” wholistic” approach to a balanced and better life.

Her first ‘unwritten’ principle reminds us that every individual of strength and might, “walking in their own authority”, has a spiritual grounding. This grounding may or may not be practiced in a religious setting, but its’ observance or acknowledgement certainly conveys a set of seriously held beliefs – that there is Power out there. Myrtle describes her love of butterflies and a major point of interest about them is that, “…Maybe the caterpillar knows that desire, coupled with hard work, leads to fulfillment, so it gently and patiently emerges as a butterfly…marking the end of restrictions..” Myrtle uses the butterfly symbol throughout “FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW” to have us “…pause, do the work, and patiently and gently be ready to be transformed”.

No better guide is available to us right now other than “A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams”. Get your copies on Amazon.com and other on-line book sites. You can download the e-book and be prepared to join Myrtle on the Cider Enterprises Book-Club Conference Call on Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM CST. Our free Teleconferencing Line is 218-548-7274 , Access Code 2012211#.

Let me know you’ll be with us by contacting ciderenterprises@yahoo.com and simply say, “Yes, I’ll be Listening”.

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic

Opulent Abundance Begins in the Mind

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Go Bears!  Yes they once again pulled off a very, very close one this past Sunday.  In the last seconds of the game, they won!  I thought about the fact that in football, it only takes that long to witness miraculous plays.  For real – ye of little faith, you can miss the greatest moment of the game!  What a parable to real life.  You have got to “hang in there” until the end and play even the last moments as though you believe you’ve got a chance to win!  Do not hesitate to make the play – go for the victory!

In Chicago you can experience a lot of that “I CAN WIN” energy here.  Many unimaginable people are doing extraordinary things all the time.  You can travel around the world and not be able to feel the “creative working power” of Chicagoans.  I don’t know if the energy, courage and spirit of discovery that Jean Baptiste Point duSable had when he founded Chicago, was part of the start of so many great minds making the choice to succeed – but it’s a good starting point in my way of thinking.

What I especially like about many of these great minds is that they have created and enhanced not only Chicago, but the world, with their contributions.  These creators did not think small, they saw and created wonders of opulence and abundance.   As I ride the CTA down Michigan Avenue, I can see the expansiveness of their visions.  The parks, the vastness of the cultural displays and the lakefront accessibility are meant for many to enjoy.  A friend asked me how I planned to express opulent abundance in Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!  I hesitated for a moment before answering because I had already given the question considerable thought.  I had to tell her that the idea of opulence begins in the mind.  The concept of hospitality in abundance is that you have a spirit of service, that what the customer wants is what you want.   You must have expansiveness and generosity within you to offer it to another.  The very actions these feelings evoke within us will enable us to offer to others, only our best.  Excellence is the only course open to offer to another as you live opulent abundance in your works and ways.

Enjoy with me, if you will, some of the pictures (thanks Rev. Catherine) from the Prayer and Praise Breakfast that unveiled the vision of Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!  This was truly an occasion of love in opulent abundance that was freely given.  Thanks to all my supporters who were there and those of you who sent prayers, well wishes and donations.  You have my sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic

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I’m again gazing upon one of my more favorite bodies of water – Lake Michigan.  It’s early in the morning, and from here on the 11th floor of Mercy Hospital, the blues and greens are exquisite.  The clouds are puffy and vibrant and big poofs of them appear to be riding atop long flying carpet type lower clouds.  The waves, always rolling on and on, weren’t too high even though I could see tree branches swaying in my view.  Being around the site of the water was enough to soothe my soul.  I felt at one with the universe immediately, peacefulness hit me like a great hug of comfort.   I found myself taking long, deep breaths automatically and exhaling all the tension.

As I dream and plan more for Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!, this early morning view substantiated my choice of ” type of place” for this global destination.  Sistah’s Home is an  “Opulent Waterfront Resort/Campus in Chicago”.  Water is so soothing and symbolic.  Its’ forever moving quality is much like life to me.  It goes on, whether you’re ready or not.  The continuous order of the waves being connected to the one in front and also to the one in back is a marvelous sight to contemplate on.  Symbolically, I can see how we people are always eternally connected.  As a wave myself, I think of the ancestors at my back and the young people in the front.   Even while I am a middle wave my vibrancy is important to the order.  Each of us will have our own spikes of high and low, but we will all keep moving.  Though a wave passes from view and you cannot see the ones coming on tomorrow, there is for me, far-reaching value in reflecting, meditating and visualizing before the water.  Waterfront access and views are one the natural kinds of gifts Sistah’s Home deserves – comfort, solace and peace.

I’ve been at Mercy Hospital with my mom, Mrs. Doris Love Redic, for a couple of days now, but I can say that the prayers and expressions of love have been nothing short of miraculous in their results.  Mom is being tested from head to toe and we should know in a few days what both she and I can do.  Praise God that I can see improvement and she can feel improvement.  Most of us know how it hurts to see people in pain and more especially when it’s a loved one.  I am trusting she will be strong enough to continue the quality of life that she desires and selfishly the quality of life that she has given to me.  She’s my “shero”, the first teacher of love and exemplary role model on how important family and friends are.

I was asked in a recent conversation if my mom was proud of me for bringing forth my dream.  I could only answer that we had never talked about it that way.  We have been living this dream personally all  of my life – a place where people are welcome, they could leave those troublesome situations they cared to talk about with people who valued their privacy and offered help and hope to them in the ways we could.  My grandmother and great-grandmother were the same type of women, so by the time I came along, they had put together societies and associations to help people.  My mother always had an open door and even though there were six of us siblings, we invariably had someone else in our home.  We were taught how to offer hospitality even though we sometimes had to share really cheap fare. You just had to make it appealing and delicious.   We had to be respectful of the age and situation of the people visiting.  You didn’t get to declare “this is mine” if someone needed it more.  If there was some disgruntlement or disagreement you had better hide it.  At no time could you make a guest feel unwelcome or uncomfortable.

Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action! is for me an expansion of what I already do. I won’t have to learn how to “be” in this arena.  I will continue to grow in my learning how to extend Hospitality, Hope and Help to larger groups of people but the tenets are the same –  give your best, be authentic and sincere in dealing with people and always operate in love.  You can’t go wrong.  The waves in the waters around Sistah’s Home are affirmations that this is so.

I invite you to join me as I unveil the details of this wonderful place of sisterhood.  Click the link below see your personal invitation and the details for joining me on Saturday, Oct. 20, 2012 from 8AM until 10AM at 9208 S. Cottage Grove, Chicago, Illinois.

Warm Feelings inside the Vision of “Sistah’s Home”

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(It’s day 13  until the unveiling)

This Sunday morning is a cold one.  Makes me aware that the “snuggle-up-time” is close and I need to be making some preparations.   I’ll just tell you up front, I do not like being cold!   Many, who have known me, know I have spoken for years of becoming a snow-bird and traveling to warm climates during Chicago’s winters.  Now that “Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!”- my vision, my dream, is compelling me to move on it, I’m readjusting my thinking.  My thought today is – how will Sistah’s Home provide warmth in the winter-time that makes this sister able to function in the cold?

I’m thinking that in this opulent waterfront resort there will be many fireplaces.  Most definitely, there will be a great one in the central meeting area and smaller ones throughout.    The greenhouse is another warm and humid area within the grounds. I envision strolling through or sitting within the beauty and majesty of the flora, fauna and food that grows there. The produce and flowers serve our own restaurants and floral expressions in addition to providing quality products to the local food  economy of other surrounding businesses near Sistah’s Home.   All that solar and green technology maximized in the building of the place should be shooting out warm bursts of air on command  (now that is an app to have on your smart phone).  To enjoy the warmth of being inside when it’s cold out I know how to get so caught up in a book, that I can literally let the world go by and not notice it.  This is another reason that within the “Help Pavilion” of Sistah’s Home, the ‘Book Showcase-Reading Room’ area (it needs a name) will be such a comfortable room.  I see the big, cushy chairs and, okay, a large and cozy sofa, long enough to stretch out on, small areas for group discussions and the stage for book signings and featured authors.  Sisters from around the world will have opportunity to feature their works on this stage.  I love to snack and read so there will be a small café, too.

There are so many parts/aspects/principles/and pleasures in defining Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!  I use the time at hand to address whatever is before me towards this plan.  Today, Joel Olsteen was discussing the principle of “Set Time”.  He reminded me that I have to run my own course; I do not have to proceed with fear of not enough of anything.  In the appointed time, the people, money, help and information I need will appear.  I do not have to change who I am to force anything I believe the Creator has for me.   The scripture from Habakkuk 2:3 says “For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie, though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come…”   Joel’s topic also helped me to recall a story, from the Black Enterprise – May 2012 issue, in which Lonnie G. Bunch III talked about the watershed moment when the groundbreaking for the Smithsonian Institution’s $500 million National Museum of African-American History and Culture occurred in February of this year.  He said that it took 6 years before that moment.  I use his and others stories of manifesting a dream to stay my course.  I had just two areas of focus this week to prepare for unveiling my dream, important but simple, 1) create the words for the invitations and 2) get them out. I’m finishing the second part today.  Please follow the link to my personal invitation  for you.


Peace and Love,

Claudette Redic

Cider Enterprises

SISTAH’S HOME – 19 Days until the Unveiling!

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Yesterday, I began the story about this dream of mine to open a premier, internationally acclaimed place for sisters to gather.

Sistah’s Home Mission Statement: Sistah’s Home is the premier place where the Love of Sisterhood is expressed and experienced all the time.  Hospitality, Hope and Help are our cornerstone values, and our collective efforts keep them strong.

Vision: Sistah’s Home is an opulent, waterfront resort property within Chicago where women and men from around the world feel welcomed and at home.   This place will serve as a respite for renewal and rejoicing.

As my commercial says, I am a bold, brave and beautiful woman.  This dream is big, and some may say, too big to be real.  For me, it is a promise from the universe.  Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action! has always been on the horizon as a monument of our love and care for each other as sisters.  The idea for the name came from my recall of some of the times I have witnessed the joy when a sister returns home.  A sister coming home was like a signal to all that good times and good food were imminent and you’d better get there.  A sister’s return home had a wide ripple effect.  The whole community would somehow become engaged in acknowledging her return.  It might be as simple as a wave of the hand, a smile in passing or the fabled church service and dinner, but the news would spread that sister was home! “Sistah” was a fond expression used by many descendants from the south in place of the name of the woman even if she was a mother, an aunt, daughter or wife.

Today, I felt like a sister who had returned home.  I felt so honored as I found favor everywhere. Today, I was gifted a place to have the Prayer & Praise Breakfast with a Forgiveness Treatment for Saturday, October 20. 2012.  It will be held at the Chesterfield Tom Thumb Day Care Center – located at 9208 S. Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago.  The time is 8AM until 10AM.

Today, (day number 19 until the unveiling) a sister offered to take care of the food preparation and serving.  Today, another sister stepped to the plate and offered to provide help with financing my personal expenses (you know those hair, make-up and accessory desires).  Today, my belief in sisterhood was reaffirmed, as once again, sisters’ rose to the occasion.   I know we love each other.  Right here and now, I can tell the world that nearly every good thing I have received has been from a sister.  Praises to the Sisters!  My eternal gratitude is offered to every good sister who stands in support of me.  We are worthy of all the goodness of life.  Sistah’s Home and the love, hospitality, hope and help that flows throughout it will be our gift back to the world.

I am asking for a $20 donation to help provide an honorarium for my special guests, Janine A. Ingram, author of Born to Be Rich and my own mother, Mrs. Doris Redic.  The two of them will facilitate the Forgiveness Treatment.  Forgiveness is an essential element to Sistah’s Home’s manifestation as it clears the way for our faith to reach our highest vibrations.  Even school kids know that the higher the vibration, the greater the joy.  There is considerable work to be done in the forgiveness realm for all of us.  We’ve got ourselves, others who have harmed or hurt us personally and then there’s all that societal stuff to forgive.  Slavery, poverty, racial hatred, ancestral curses and conditions and sexism are part of the cultural consequences we must release.  To be unforgiving does not serve our highest good.  I want myself and all the sisters to be free.   Sisters let us  take our cue from the incomparable song of Patti LaBelle – “Somebody Loves You” and  for real, you know that it is me!

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic