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Sistah’s Home – The Place of Love in Action: One Year Anniversary!

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October 2013 is here and it seems hard to believe that on the 20th of this month, a whole year will have gone by since “Sistah’s Home – The Place of Love in Action!” had its introductory “Prayer and Praise Breakfast.” The outcome of that event will remain legendary to me because I got to see, feel and be with people who believe in me. Although not everyone has embraced my dream for this opulent waterfront resort, this past year has brought a significant group of new recruits. In addition, many more people are seeing this “International Destination” here in Chicago as a tribute to African-American women and the value our Sisterhood brings to the world. “Sistah’s Home” is anchored in Hospitality, Hope and Health and has transformed into a true help for people during this year.

Looking back over the year, I stopped to reflect on achievements and am grateful that there have been many. I count my decisions that shape and influence the ambiance of Sistah’s Home among my greatest accomplishments because of the many options in the universe. Inspiration is the key influence to all of my selections: the vivid colors like those captured in Dr. Yemonja Small’s divine painting, “Like there’s No Tomorrow,” and words that remind us of our connectivity in the poem by Jo Anne Meekins entitled “United.” Ideas and practices that motivate and elevate are in: Celebration permeates the air, colors uplift and engage, and music carries the spirit that emits success and well-being with tones of love throughout all of it. These choices create the feng shui environment of Sistah’s Home – The Place of Love in Action!


Each day at “Sistah’s Home” will begin with drumming music (the soul chakra tone of my people) and an opportunity to listen to an inspirational prayer-based conference call, The Love Journey, Inc., from Monday through Friday. Sistah’s Home, a movement in itself, has the strong, powerful chords of triumph and invincibility in the music. New and cherished sounds of authentic personal expressions flow throughout. Fragrant spices, herbs and flowers that heal and promote a sense of well-being are soothing and richly aromatic. The resort “hums” with energy in each space, according to its design.

The Hospitality Pavilion offers prolific ways of welcome that include young and senior aged Personal Concierges. Our Personal Concierges are available to ensure that each guest’s wishes are fulfilled in accordance with our mission to be a premier place where the Love of Sisterhood is expressed and experienced. Inside the warm atmosphere is a feeling of “come in and relax, you can take a load off here.” Beautiful and magnificent arrangements of flowers and fragrant herbs and spices are part of the elegant backdrop throughout. Spectacular art titillates the eye and imagination. The immediacy and thoroughness of service are rendered according to personal requests.

After cordial greetings and settling in, guests usually look forward to refreshing themselves in Sistah’s Home progressive degrees of elegant eating venues. Great chefs and nutritionists provide delicious and palate pleasing meals and a wide assortment of cultural delights. I can already envision the largest eating area, showcasing the diner with important and powerful seating and lighting while guests enjoy a meal. The designers know exactly how to create the desired setting. Varying degrees of progressive elegance also affords the opportunity to eat with a personal group of participants in smaller and more specialized eating areas, like the upscale luxurious dining area or the paparazzi bar and appetizer areas for observation and networking. The greatest group of staff waiters makes all dining experiences memorable. During a television episode of the George Oliphant’s “Meal Estate,” I heard a dining concept of “no room service” that was pleasing to me as yet another way to promote the connection of our “alike-ness” as people and especially as sisters. The largest area for meals was in a communal space. I think a “room service” concept could exist in a late night experience and in keeping with the artists and the night-time visitors of guests.

Also within “Sistah’s Home” resort campus is the Hope Pavilion, an area anchored by a greenhouse and non-denominational chapel. The greenhouse provides mostly all flora and fauna needed in-house and services the surrounding communities’ need for fresh produce and flowers. Mind you, I know nothing more about greenhouses other than I love them and that it will be a magnificent feature of “Sistah’s Home.” The “therapeutic” effect will be especially great during Chicago winters. Always on the look-out for news and information on how to promote Green Technology throughout the resort, I attended a summer festival that featured a number of green tech entities. Well wouldn’t you know it, I was introduced to Urban Farms South, a bountiful urban garden growing in the heart of South-Side Chicago. The “farmers” turned out to be four men, passionate about organic produce for people living in “food-deserts” throughout certain areas of the city. These four men grow produce and flowers; offer the opportunity for others to rent plots for personal growing; open themselves to providers of nutritional information; provide classes on canning and preserving of garden contents; and even host vegan meal dinners for the public several times a month. My excitement about finding this urban garden pushed me to find out more. After several visits and conversations with these guys, I learned they were more than a little interested in helping me set up the Sistah’s Home greenhouse! They have been gracious enough to steer me to needed resources (i.e. blue prints, expenses and individuals to run the greenhouse) and have also offered to be lead contractors for the greenhouse.

Sistah’s Home – The Place of Love in Action! We are celebrating our one year anniversary with a Fish Fry on Friday, October 18, 2013 at 6 p.m. This event will be held at St. Edmunds Tower Community Room, 6141 S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL. Come join us for a festive evening of food, fun and fellowship!


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LaShun Pace’s powerful song “He Keeps On Doing Great Things For Me“, describes my life as His beloved child.  In the last Cider Enterprises blog I talked about the merits of our featured author and book for Cider Enterprises Book-Club Conference Call – to be held today, Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 7PM until 8:30 PM CST.  Our free Teleconferencing Line is 218-548-7274, Access Code 2012211#.   Our “Overcomer” this time is – Myrtle D. Russell.  She will personally join us and accentuate her powerful messages in  the  book.  We look forward to hearing her own words about her life and her works.

Myrtle D. Russell, author of FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW “A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams” has provided an instructive and practical tool for transforming your life.  I like to keep things in an orderly way Cider Myrtle

in my life and as I was evaluating goals for 2013, Myrtle’s book was gifted to me (Thanks!)  It perfectly complimented the studies I had been pursuing on how to use the tools I have been learning to live a better life.  My daily prayer group, The Love Journey, Inc., facilitated by Janine A. Ingram, has been helping me to better understand my own worthiness and deserve-ability, to define it and meditate on affirmations that express in spoken words.  My pastor, Bishop Carlton Pearson,   has also been giving a similar message on a global level – we are worthy and deserve all the goodness; and along comes Myrtle with an easy guide for those who may not even have a spiritual grounding.  The world is thirsting for tools and communities of people who offer life changing ways to peaceful and fulfilled living.

Myrtle begins the book describing what she means by the term “traveling wounded’.  She says “Many of us are living with unresolved childhood issues that prevent us from fully expressing who we really are and keep us from living the lives we deserve to live”.  She asks the important questions, “What’s holding you back?  What keeps you from living your dreams?  Have you stopped dreaming?  Her answer is conclusive – “Whatever your issues are, you can bet that your thinking played a major role in the outcome”.  She helps us to change old patterns of thought by starting with the commitment to make a change.  There must be committed time to solving our problems that has no allowance for ‘turning back’.  It also contains a “willingness to trust the process and not sabotage our progress”.  Just an hour a day can lead to consistency and focus.  Writing your goals down is ‘key’ in actualizing the mental commitment.  All my spiritual guides value the importance of getting it in writing.   It cements’ the agreement.  In FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW Myrtle provides a sample contract to allow for your own areas of change.  Journaling becomes the record of your commitment and it gives all the needed room for expressing emotions and thoughts.

Myrtle D. Russell’s “…Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams” offers that “Pain is inevitable…but suffering is self-inflicted and can be avoided when you free your mind and align with the divine spirit…”  Forgiveness is a monumental tool to freedom.  Self-love is described as “an inside job which means first you have to be happy, and then you share your happiness with others”.  Nothing outside will fill the ‘empty space’ within.  “Show yourself Some Love” is more than a chapter title in the book and using the ‘butterfly’ activities inside will help you to do it.  Many more invaluable tools are in FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW “A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams”. 

Make enough time to purchase or download your copy today,  Thursday, January 31, 2013.  Join us from 7PM until 8:30 PM CST.  Our free Teleconferencing Line is 218-548-7274, Access Code 2012211#.  Have your personal questions and comments ready for Myrtle on our greatly anticipated Cider Enterprises Book-Club Conference CallVisit page to find out more of her accomplishments.   Contact me at 312-437-1411 or email and simply say “Yes, I’ll be Listening”.

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic

Qualities of Heroes

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The 3rd  Book Club Conference Call is set for Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 7 PM.  We are discussing Bishop Carlton Pearson’s book  God is not a Christian, nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu… The Call In Number is  1-218-548-9465 and the Pass code is 201211#.   See the Book Club Questions 3-15-12 here.Bishop Carlton Pearson

I must say that I have had an insightful and fascinating journey  thus far, exploring  and discussing with people who love.  Bishop’s premise is that “This book is not necessarily about believing in God, just a discussion of what you believe about God and why you believe it.” The Book Club Conference Call has allowed us to delve into our various, yet important, responses.

In my last post I shared with you what I believe and in so doing, I let you know that my spiritual  identity is that of a OverComer!  I believe in the great stories of others who have traversed tremendous odds and achieved significance for themselves, but more importantly, for the good of many.  Recognizing that I am a signal and as my energy is expressed through me and as me,  I send out the good news that – what we seek is seeking us, and dreams can be achieved.

Why do I  believe this, you ask, and  my answers are because I have  an inner-knowing ‘proof’ and in story after story there is ‘proof’ that a most High God favors  even the least of us.  I have historical ‘proof’ in Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Gandhi, Fannie Lou Hamer, and living ‘proof’ in my own mother, Doris Redic.  I am living right now in engaged connection with individuals who are each, to me, a living hero – expressing the universal Christ Principle of giving and doing so in Love.  Let me share my lights of hope with you.

Donna V. Werner, The Werner Business Group, is inspiring, always energetic and a storehouse of resources to help people. She teaches health and financial wealth and has a check-list for both to help you make informed assessments.  She has volunteer time for Seniors, girls on the street, and so much more.  Donna’s fervent prayers are heard.

Janine Ingram, a praying woman, AUTHOR, INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER, VISIONARY AND LIFE COACH AUTHOR OF “BORN TO BE RICH” INSPIRATIONAL BOOK OF THE YEAR, and    Janine inspires people to take their actions and talents to God each day in a 6 AM Prayer Conference Call  – The Source, with individuals from across the globe.  The number for this powerful time of prayer is  1-712-432-0900 and the Pass Code is 772719#.  Janine is also a community activist and business woman who offers tangible solutions for the improvement of our family and financial quality of life.

Syron Smith, Founder,  National Block Club University – (NBCU),, provides a systemic way to create todays’ village, block-by-block.  NBCU’s  blue-print uplifts communities with plans for each person to have safe places to meet with learning centers for all.  The “Daily Living Habits” promotes our togetherness and helps to build real global connections for our communities.  The NBCU  Conference Call connects a selected zip code, a career focus club, a suburb and an African country.  They share concerns in one call at 7 PM –  Monday through Friday.  The call in number is 1-570-633-0091 and the pass code is 864123#.

JOY Sigur Ramza,  contact her at, is as the name states, JOY!  An artist, musician, creator of “Speak Life – Be Supreme” a divinely created, decorative ‘little sack’ of meditations to provide the words needed to speak life to yourself and others.    Always organizing and proactive in her community, Joy has data-base development skills  and visual enhancement talents that are par non.  Joy uses those gifts to help community organzations.

Phillip Jackson– Founder, The Black Star Project,  lives, breathes and takes action in his belief that “Those who control the education of the children, controls the future of that race.”  He directs his primary focus to African-American men and boys,  but Phillip certainly adds great contributions to women, girls and the larger community.  He promotes education as the key to change for us and takes leadership in providing services and information to both large and small entities within the city and nationally.  He expands awareness of today’s social injustices and offers examples of what can be done about them.

Naomi Davis, Esq. Founder of BIG, Blacks in Green, ,  is running for 20th Ward Committeeman in Chicago.  Naomi is also an environmental activist and promotes economic development for communities of color.  Her political campaign  is convincing, and after working briefly with her, I believe that even in this unpaid position she will continue to be responsible and dependable.   She will take care of voter registration turnout, forums and other diverse political participation for the good of all.  Naomi restores belief in elected officials with integrity.

Dororthy “Mama Sunshine” Lyles can be contacted at cosmicdiva1us.  Mama Sunshine, a vocal and storytelling artist in her own right, has a special ability to summon the music and the musicians together in the universe who give us gifts that take us to a higher consciousness.  Her arrangements of talents are designed to invoke our ancestral and eternal energy – one with another.  Indeed, she knows that music carries our heavy emotional loads and her presentations give us release and renewal.

These people, and the issues they have addressed over time, are examples of good.  They are my personal reasons for why  I believe we can each be a OverComer.  Visit their links and read more of their personal stories and learn about the true qualities of heroes.  They are living expressions of the sharing, caring nature of the Christ Principle.   Each of them seem to know that the Potter continues to put OverComers back together after each set-back and against the greatest odds.

Peace and Love,

Claudette Redic

Psst!!! —- I do not  know any of my heroes religions, just their spirits.


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Deep in my heart, I do believe, We Shall Over Come someday….Charles Tindley

One of the first comments I received about the Conference Call Book Club selection of Bishop Carlton Pearson’s book,  God is Not a Christian, Nor a  Muslim… was that I had created a fire-storm.  I had alienated some friends, and perhaps, consigned myself to a particular point of  view that would permanently define the kind of audience I would have.  The comments seemed fair enough to consider and give a response to.  After all, the focus of the book is to discuss what you believe and why you believe it.

I identify in my spirit with people and stories that tell of how extreme circumstances underscore subsequent high levels of success.   My earliest memories are of overcoming the “no” response to my requests.  As I grew older I considered myself “resourceful” in finding ways to do what I wanted to do and what others said I could not do.  As more time passed, “defiant”, “hard-headed” and “opinionated” became platitudes of others about me.  I have from a very early age on, had my own mind, feelings and beliefs about my life.

I know in my heart when sincerity is expressed and when it is not genuine.   My natural antennae give no regard to who says it, whether a trusted family member or an outsider, it knows if what is said is authentic.  Time and development of my inner voice has helped me to discern the word of God, from wherever and whomever  it comes.  This inner voice also directs who and what I listen to.  I choose people and stories that address good for myself, my family and my community.  Recognizing that there is the mental, physical and spiritual me,  I work to strengthen each of my aspects to better serve the good.  What better way to connect and engage in discussion of books that focus on “OverComers” than a Conference Call Book Club?  I know many busy people and this should be an easy, fun and informative way to do it.

Discussion of God is Not a Christian, Nor a  Muslim… is meant to address our spiritual make-up. What make-up do you use, if any, and why wear it that way is an analogy which hopefully will inspire you to join into the Conference Call Book Club.  Bishop’s story describes his overcoming immense obstacles, both personally and professionally and how he is still standing in the abundance of God despite the journey’s cost and with his evolving authentic self.

Further confirmation that overcoming is struggle is described by Vincent Harding, author of Hope and History and There is a River: The Black Struggle for Freedom in America.  Dr. Harding says that for the money question, the compassion question, the racial question, now the religious question—all of these are things that we have to take hold of. We should not see them primarily as more burdens, but, “Lord, what a gift you are giving us to try to make a nation out of this stuff. Wow.” It seems to me that’s the spirit we need to bring. And many ask, How do you struggle when folks are constantly pushing back? I can only say, How else do you struggle? That’s what makes struggle—not constant victories, but getting up after you have been knocked down, again and again. That is what makes for your faith in the fact that you are a follower of the One who took up the cause. (This article is adapted from a fall 2011 interview with Dr. Harding by Sojourners editor-in-chief Jim Wallis in Washington, D.C.)

When Marian Wright Edelman, president of the Children’s Defense Fund, was in her senior year at Spellman College, back in 1960, she wrote this in her diary: “Now, as never before, is the chance offered to do something. This is a history-making epoch, where we, me, the young, can be major characters. Now is the time to act, to work, to sacrifice. Life is so pressing. Time is so strained. I’m very frantic in my quest to use it, not to waste it. Now is the time. Each moment must be made to count.” She was 21 years old then. She’s 72 now, still working at the tasks. (This article is adapted from The Black Star Project Journal.)  This is indeed the time to overcome what may  stand in the way of progress.

As I receive suggestions and comments I expect to get ideas for other featured authors.  The next book will focus on a OverComer who has had physical challenges and I will conclude the Conference Call Book Club with the review of a book that will give us insight of someone overcoming mental challenges.

I invite you to join tonight’s  Book Club Conference Call to delve into our various, yet important, responses. Get on the call with me and bring your insight and enlightenment.

Time: Thursday evenings from 7 – 8 PM Central Standard Time

Dates: 2/23, 3/1,  and Finale 3/15 “At a Place to Be Announced”.

Call In Number: 1-218-548-9465

Pass code: 201211#

Now that you know what I believe, look for the next post in which I talk about why I believe what I believe.

Peace and Love,

Claudette Redic

Hello World – Join in Discussing God is Not a Christian, Nor a Jew..Bishop Carlton Pearson

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Bishop Carlton Pearsonfollowing  is a post I sent out on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012, to over sixty people.  I love books and had been talking about a Book Club for some time.  The question was always, when can we get together to discuss any book.  I thought about the great benefits of Conference Calling and decided to try it in this experience. 

2012 shall be my year of “new and different”  ventures with this massive explosion of technology to connect one with another.   Bear with my learning and let’s stay connected.

Happy Valentine’s Day, My Love!

Yes, US, my Love. We are the ones who give care to the sick, a steady hand to the frail, a hug to the hurting, a smile to the unsure, WE are love. What is so amazing to me first off, is that I AM included in these expressions. Secondly, that each one of us is so unique in our being.

I know many people and perhaps nearly as many views on what Love is. Wondering if religion makes the difference, I often ask people “What religion are you? Of course a variety of answers unfold. This year 2012, a year of “Divine Order”, has me wanting to connect more certainly and directly with others who are love. I believe that those who are love operate from a place within themselves that is beyond the tactile sensory responses to life before them. These are the people who make life worth living and it is because they give.

Bishop Carlton Pearson has a book

God is not a Christian, nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu… thatI want to explore and discuss with people who love. Bishop’s premise is that “This book is not necessarily about believing in God, just a discussion of what you believe about God and why you believe it.” I would like to host a Book Club Conference Call to delve into our various, yet important, responses. Join me with your insight and enlightenment.

Time: Thursday evenings from 7 – 8 PM Central Standard Time

Dates: 2/23, 3/1, 3/ 8 and Finale 3/15 “At a Place to Be Announced”.

Call In Number: 1-218-548-9465

Pass code: 201211#

Call focus: 272 pages in book, equals 68 pages per call or contact. I will provide weekly comments and, of course, opportunity for yours as well during the call. Questions can be directed before or after our conference calls to

Peace and Love, My Valentine!

Claudette Redic

Please use this link to purchase your book: