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Partnerships: Being part of a larger whole for business success

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image by Stuart Miles at
image by Stuart Miles at

For those of us who are making plans and decisions for 2015, it is necessary to get back to basics in understanding the value of collaborative relationships in all aspects of our life, particularly our business partnerships. Webster defines Partnerships as: (noun) “the state of being partners; and … a relationship between partners.” Further research into the definition best sums it up as “the state of being related to a larger whole.” The concept of being part of a larger whole resonates with me and guides my involvement in community collaborations and business partnerships.

Cider Enterprises’ motto of “harnessing the energy of your ideas to help you reach your desired goals” is lived in real time commitment. The fulfillment of our claim “to help” is based upon the strength of our relationship with partners that are needed to coach and consult business owners. Partnerships are extremely important in helping organizations keep abreast of the latest practices and processes that entrepreneurs need to succeed.

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