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Learning to Succeed in Business- Part 1

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image by Witthaya Phonsawat at

Yes, Yes, Yes – I am back in school!  I love school.  There are many reasons why I love school: I get excited by the thought of meeting a whole new group of people, who have come to learn and share their knowledge and selves with me.  I get to discover their intelligence, their convictions, and to see their commitment to completing the course successfully.  Many of the lasting relationships I already have began in school.  Schools and structured learning situations activate a ‘heady’ feeling inside of me.  For me, this is a dedicated time to explore a subject or topic with a group of people who are already ‘tuned into’ learning more, sharing their understanding, and adding another arsenal of information to my brain and thoughts.  Yeah! And this time, learning has taken on a new dimension … I get to add ‘wisdom’ to what I absorb.  I was initially reluctant and resistant to accepting this time as the described ‘Ascension’ phase in my life until I learned the true value of Ascension– a state of attraction and manifestation.  In my original understanding, I saw it as a time of ‘being old.’

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