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Featured Guest Identifies Herself as a Christian Witch During Our Book Club Call

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Rev. Valerie Love on CiderThe Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call featuring Rev. Valerie Love was too hot to handle after she un-apologetically and unabashedly identified herself as a Christian Witch. Her statement left me speechless for a moment and had me pacing the floor of my home in quick time! Questions raced through my brain … What was I thinking featuring a Witch? What would my callers say?

Valerie LoveIn doing my research on Rev. Valerie, I had chose to ignore this ‘Magikal’ information she provided on her social media sites. I assumed that since she had so many other things she did “on the regular,” any call inquiries would be satisfied with the ‘traditional’ aspects of her work. After all, as a seasoned woman of many uplifting practices, products, thoughts and events, I knew Rev. Valerie had enough ‘good stuff’ to demonstrate being an “overcomer.” And based on the reports I had received from the many people I follow, I also knew she was able to tell her stories with love and enlightenment.

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