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FEBRUARY: The Month of Love and Celebrations!

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During February, “The Month of Love,” I find myself celebrating many important dates and traditions. Let me first say, “Happy Birthday!” to my fellow Aquarians. Secondly, I declare that “I deeply and truly love myself exactly as I am.” And I suppose that the great minds and hearts of the many people born in February are the Universe’s way of balancing it being the shortest month of the year. Think about it … Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon, Dee Alexander, Dennis Redic, Jamika Smith, Don Kelley, Chasity A. Wells, Ernest Pitts, Randal Degroat, Alphonso Rodgers, Asadah Kirkland, and the Queen RedHatter- Mae Young are just a few February born powerhouses I know personally.  February 11 is my birthday, as well as Alphonso, Randal, and Ernest.

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