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A Month for Manifesting Miracles and Love

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In light of the annual Valentine’s Day hoopla and romance energy that permeates the atmosphere, February – that sacred time of the Aquarius – is an opportune month for manifesting miracles and love. It is also the month we celebrate Black History and my birthday on the 11th (Yeah Claudette!). And because I am ever the romantic optimist and cheerleader for the underdog, it is imperative that I make room for joyful periods during the cold winter months. So, I am happy to announce that Cider Enterprises Book Club is featuring author Zakiyyah Ameedah (Zee) and her book, “Jamaica: A Memoir of Miracles, Manifestations, Love,” on the February 16th conference call at 7 pm.


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Fourth Season of Cider Enterprises Book Club Returns September 15

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Welcome back to the Cider Enterprises Book Club Blog.  The fourth season of our Conference Call begins on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 7PM Central Standard Time with a NEW CALL-IN NUMBER at 218-548-7622, Access Code is 20112#.

Our focus on ‘Over-Comers’ will feature several Chicago based authors and promoters who tell their stories of overcoming Chicago’s Literary Desert.  And in recognition of the 100th year of the Great Migration, we will also feature personal stories from authors who’ve experienced a time period when ‘failure was not an option.’

13909065_10208734437591928_4339919626153792773_oOur first guest of the season is Asadah Kirkland, the Soulful Chicago Book Fair founder and promoter.  Asadah and her book, “Beating Black Kids,” was also featured last season on the Cider Enterprises Book Club. Since then, she has elevated her status and increased her accomplishments to produce the first Black Literary Art Fair. To her credit, Asadah not  only sold the City and corporate sponsors on the idea, but she additionally gathered an overflow of quality authors from a multitude of genre’s to the extent that  Soulful Book Fair is already set for 2017! Read the rest of this entry »

Holiday Blessings to You!

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Holiday blessings to you! I am ecstatic about the upcoming holidays.  It becomes a period of disassembling from the regular schedule and honing into live time with family and friends. This is another blessing in time for me – I get to give and I do receive.

Likewise, The CRev. Sheila.Bkider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call is delightfully blessed and honored to host featured author Rev. Sheila McKeithen – “Twelve Steps to Your Healingthis Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015.   From 7:00 to 8:00 PM (CST), Rev. Sheila will share ’the good news about her overcoming’ and her own unique “twelve steps.” Her fresh and simple approach to healing will prosper and encourage those open to the reality of divine health as a birthright.  Her ‘program’ offers the perfect message of our oneness with The Healer.

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Graduation Reflections About My Business Development Process

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Claudette grad
Claudette Redic, Owner Cider Enterprises

Reflections about my business development process abound during this season of graduations. I am proud to be a graduate of the Sunshine Enterprises Community Business Academy. It confirmed my 2014 affirmation that “I AM more than enough!” and my conviction that “I deserve the best.” Completion dispelled the fears I had erected: I am too old to learn; I might have a hard time adjusting to a rigorous twelve weeks of study; would I be able to apply the information obtained to help myself and others too? And I can proudly declare, “Yes I can!” I practice and apply the things I learned about business for myself first and then with others. You see, I have to walk the talk and now feel fulfilled in getting my own house in order.

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Featured Guest Identifies Herself as a Christian Witch During Our Book Club Call

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Rev. Valerie Love on CiderThe Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call featuring Rev. Valerie Love was too hot to handle after she un-apologetically and unabashedly identified herself as a Christian Witch. Her statement left me speechless for a moment and had me pacing the floor of my home in quick time! Questions raced through my brain … What was I thinking featuring a Witch? What would my callers say?

Valerie LoveIn doing my research on Rev. Valerie, I had chose to ignore this ‘Magikal’ information she provided on her social media sites. I assumed that since she had so many other things she did “on the regular,” any call inquiries would be satisfied with the ‘traditional’ aspects of her work. After all, as a seasoned woman of many uplifting practices, products, thoughts and events, I knew Rev. Valerie had enough ‘good stuff’ to demonstrate being an “overcomer.” And based on the reports I had received from the many people I follow, I also knew she was able to tell her stories with love and enlightenment.

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MARCH: Celebrating Women of Strength with Rev. Valerie Love

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Rev. Valerie LoveMarch is National Women’s Month and features many tributes, accolades and stories of Women of Strength.  Cider Enterprises Book Club joins the celebration of great women with the March 19th Conference Call, featuring Rev. Valerie Love.  Rev. Valerie is an Intuitive Advisor, Inspirational Speaker, Author of 11 books on practical spirituality and the founding minister of Boost Worldwide Love, a community in the New Thought/Ancient Wisdom tradition.

Having heard numerous testimonies from quite a few people within my circle of business and personal friends, I knew I would have to have Rev. Love on the call eventually.  Then news came through the ‘true vine’ that she will be moving to Bali, Indonesia real soon!  That news put some fire and urgency under my intentions, and now I’m proud to say that Rev. Val will be on the Thursday, March 19, 2015 Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call at 7 p.m. CST/ 8 p.m. EST.

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Press Forward & Shift to a Higher Level with Featured Author Jo Anne Meekins

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Promo J. Meekins 2.2015Author Jo Anne Meekins and her “Living a Vocal, Valued and Victorious Life” three book series on healing and ‘upgrading’ brought so much excitement and interest to the January Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call that we only got to ‘skim’ the surface. We were so engaged that we actually only discussed Volume 1, “How To Uncover, Heal & Release Painful Life Experiences.”  Thank you Jo Anne! I had to put Jo Anne on the spot, even before the call ended, and request her return for February because there was too much to discuss in just one call.

In this second interview, Jo Anne will share more about her mission to Empower Women to speak their truth out loud, value themselves, and BE victorious over unfavorable circumstances and situations.”  This series is a must have for reference and referral.

  • Vol. 1: How To Uncover, Heal & Release Painful Life Experiences
  • Vol. 2: How to Press Forward & Shift to a Higher Level
  • Vol. 3: How To Know God Better & Love Yourself More

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Opulent Abundance Begins in the Mind

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Go Bears!  Yes they once again pulled off a very, very close one this past Sunday.  In the last seconds of the game, they won!  I thought about the fact that in football, it only takes that long to witness miraculous plays.  For real – ye of little faith, you can miss the greatest moment of the game!  What a parable to real life.  You have got to “hang in there” until the end and play even the last moments as though you believe you’ve got a chance to win!  Do not hesitate to make the play – go for the victory!

In Chicago you can experience a lot of that “I CAN WIN” energy here.  Many unimaginable people are doing extraordinary things all the time.  You can travel around the world and not be able to feel the “creative working power” of Chicagoans.  I don’t know if the energy, courage and spirit of discovery that Jean Baptiste Point duSable had when he founded Chicago, was part of the start of so many great minds making the choice to succeed – but it’s a good starting point in my way of thinking.

What I especially like about many of these great minds is that they have created and enhanced not only Chicago, but the world, with their contributions.  These creators did not think small, they saw and created wonders of opulence and abundance.   As I ride the CTA down Michigan Avenue, I can see the expansiveness of their visions.  The parks, the vastness of the cultural displays and the lakefront accessibility are meant for many to enjoy.  A friend asked me how I planned to express opulent abundance in Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!  I hesitated for a moment before answering because I had already given the question considerable thought.  I had to tell her that the idea of opulence begins in the mind.  The concept of hospitality in abundance is that you have a spirit of service, that what the customer wants is what you want.   You must have expansiveness and generosity within you to offer it to another.  The very actions these feelings evoke within us will enable us to offer to others, only our best.  Excellence is the only course open to offer to another as you live opulent abundance in your works and ways.

Enjoy with me, if you will, some of the pictures (thanks Rev. Catherine) from the Prayer and Praise Breakfast that unveiled the vision of Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!  This was truly an occasion of love in opulent abundance that was freely given.  Thanks to all my supporters who were there and those of you who sent prayers, well wishes and donations.  You have my sincere appreciation and gratitude.

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic

Cider Enterprises


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Can you hear me breathing?  Each exhalation of a long deep breath is one of release and gratefulness.  Each inhalation is a direct flow from the universe.  I can have what I believe I can have.  Each inhaled breath of strength straightens my back and my resolve.  Each breath I take, expecting the goodness of the universe, propels me right into action – no further hesitation or doubt.  The fear and procrastination drops away –  I exhale it all.  Aaaah!  What a delight to move in the will of the universe.

I nailed it!  The unveiling of my dream, Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action! is done.  This Prayer and Praise Breakfast was one of the best times I have ever experienced.  There was so much love and support in the planning, the actual event presentation and in the creative support of my sisters and brothers.

First, let me give special thanks to the Most High.  Secondly, my thanks to Mr. Brit Savage, Business Manager, of the Chesterfield Tom Thumb Day Care Center located at 9208 S. Cottage Grove in Chicago.  Brit, you are a great person to offer the facility for the community’s use.  You displayed favor and kindness in continuing to respond to my requests even when I did not always keep my word on appointment times.  Thanks for hanging in there with me and my dream.   To those friends and talented individuals who helped to make the breakfast an event that will be long remembered – Ashe.

A very special group helped me to present the visual and Power Point expressions of the Pavilions of Hospitality, Hope and Help in Sistah’s Home.  They took my concepts and vague descriptions and set it out!   Thank you, Min. Joy Sigur-Ramza of Neighborship of Joy, contact her at, for working through the night with me to get my Power Points in sync with the photographic work of the wonderful Don Kelley of DK Photo at 773-255-1192.  Don, and his friend Phil, are working to build brand recognition and identity for Sistah’s Home.  Don video recorded the breakfast so we can all look forward to seeing some great shots in the near future.

Explosive thanks to Deborah Gary, Owner/Painter, Paint On Me, Inc.  Contact Deb at 773-209-5325 or and   I send “creative thanks” for the great work you did on my face.  You helped me to convey the drama and enthusiasm I wanted to bring to my commercial.  Your work enhanced me as I convincingly portrayed the look of person who has a dream like Sistah’s Home.  Your work was a driving force in the presentation.  To my friend and sistah, Belinda Harris, you’re the kind of sister the dream belongs to.  You showed out in the details with a “yes” every time.  Thank you to Mama Sunshine, Dorothy Lyles, contact her at  Your piece on “Forgiveness” and the reason for the ancestors is us – was a powerful  reminder that the strength of the world is best depicted in the strength of the sisters.  It was so on point.  Sister Abuna Hetap, contact her at,  your creation of the flyer invitation perfectly conveyed my sentiments to the “Consciously Committed Ones”.  Your help in centering me on last-minute details is greatly appreciated.  You also have a video that I want to add to my personal collection.  I guess I’m one of the last to know what a smart phone is capable of doing.

To Rev. Catherine Jackson, contact her at, you introduced me with enthusiasm and aplomb.  You woke the audience up – I felt like a Rock Star with that intro.  However, in the future, be sure to add these words about me – “that I am a woman who is proof of the Unlimited Supply of God”.  To my special “food and family friend”, Ms. Leigh-Ann Murphy of Lee’s, contact her at, “Thank you”.  You filled us up with delicious fare and your young crew of help was a delight to see and experience, especially at such an early hour.

To my traveling angels, Joe Merrills of Merrills & Hogan Family Movers, contact Joe at 773-225-4259 and Melvyna Gaynor of Boon Jab-ba LLC.,  contact her at; “Ya’ll kept it moving”.   I have great appreciation for your getting me to and from the breakfast.  Your unwavering commitment to get me there, regardless of circumstances, is but another testament of the goodness of God.

To my mother, Doris Love Redic and my sister, Jacqueline Pinegar, thanks to the both of you for your faith, conviction and commitment to me.  I saw the looks of love and pride on your faces.  Your unfaltering willingness to see how you can help despite your personal situations is my motivation when I feel like “not going on”.   To each and every one of my guests, “thanks” for your support of me.  It will not be forgotten.  You will be among the first to know of all the good news about Sistah’s Home.  To each of my supporters and well-wishers at a distance, I felt the love.  Each donation was received in gratitude for your contribution to Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action!

My featured guest – Janine A. Ingram, author of Born to Be Rich, rocked the house.  Janine, facilitator and founder of the AMPRAYERCALL, is my declared other “Mother”.  She helped “deliver” a new soldier into the universe.   Janine A. Ingram brought her special gifts of encouragement, the win/win spirit and enthusiasm to the breakfast.  By the time this dynamic and energetic sistah got through with her message – we had a “love train” moving in the place!  And for those who don’t know, Sister Joy can drop it like its’ hot, right along with Janine.  Those sistahs did the thang!  We danced and celebrated to “Money is Coming to Me” so much and so long that the owners were waiting for us to go!  We were fired up and couldn’t let such a high moment end.  We took ourselves and the extra food over to “Your School of Beauty Culture” located at 116 E. Pershing Road in Chicago, IL.  We brought joy and cheer to a packed school.  We were just in time for a Birthday celebration there for sweet Betty White.  We had customers in different states of “getting that butter whipped” join us in a soul-train line.  The operators tapped and sang along with us.  They didn’t want us to leave.  It was so stimulating and well received; I thought such a “love-train” might be something we could consider for the holidays.  There are so many individuals and places of business in need of cheer.

I will conclude this blog today, telling you that your dreams can be realized.  I have just started on the birth of my own dream and I move forward with the expectancy that my greatest good is coming to me right now.  If the universe did it for me, it will certainly do it for you – Just Ask!  I can tell you that the right individuals, things and circumstances will show up at your request!

Indeed, Let the Church Say Amen 

Peace and Love,

Queen Hostess,

Claudette Redic

SISTAH’S HOME – 19 Days until the Unveiling!

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Yesterday, I began the story about this dream of mine to open a premier, internationally acclaimed place for sisters to gather.

Sistah’s Home Mission Statement: Sistah’s Home is the premier place where the Love of Sisterhood is expressed and experienced all the time.  Hospitality, Hope and Help are our cornerstone values, and our collective efforts keep them strong.

Vision: Sistah’s Home is an opulent, waterfront resort property within Chicago where women and men from around the world feel welcomed and at home.   This place will serve as a respite for renewal and rejoicing.

As my commercial says, I am a bold, brave and beautiful woman.  This dream is big, and some may say, too big to be real.  For me, it is a promise from the universe.  Sistah’s Home – the Place of Love in Action! has always been on the horizon as a monument of our love and care for each other as sisters.  The idea for the name came from my recall of some of the times I have witnessed the joy when a sister returns home.  A sister coming home was like a signal to all that good times and good food were imminent and you’d better get there.  A sister’s return home had a wide ripple effect.  The whole community would somehow become engaged in acknowledging her return.  It might be as simple as a wave of the hand, a smile in passing or the fabled church service and dinner, but the news would spread that sister was home! “Sistah” was a fond expression used by many descendants from the south in place of the name of the woman even if she was a mother, an aunt, daughter or wife.

Today, I felt like a sister who had returned home.  I felt so honored as I found favor everywhere. Today, I was gifted a place to have the Prayer & Praise Breakfast with a Forgiveness Treatment for Saturday, October 20. 2012.  It will be held at the Chesterfield Tom Thumb Day Care Center – located at 9208 S. Cottage Grove Avenue in Chicago.  The time is 8AM until 10AM.

Today, (day number 19 until the unveiling) a sister offered to take care of the food preparation and serving.  Today, another sister stepped to the plate and offered to provide help with financing my personal expenses (you know those hair, make-up and accessory desires).  Today, my belief in sisterhood was reaffirmed, as once again, sisters’ rose to the occasion.   I know we love each other.  Right here and now, I can tell the world that nearly every good thing I have received has been from a sister.  Praises to the Sisters!  My eternal gratitude is offered to every good sister who stands in support of me.  We are worthy of all the goodness of life.  Sistah’s Home and the love, hospitality, hope and help that flows throughout it will be our gift back to the world.

I am asking for a $20 donation to help provide an honorarium for my special guests, Janine A. Ingram, author of Born to Be Rich and my own mother, Mrs. Doris Redic.  The two of them will facilitate the Forgiveness Treatment.  Forgiveness is an essential element to Sistah’s Home’s manifestation as it clears the way for our faith to reach our highest vibrations.  Even school kids know that the higher the vibration, the greater the joy.  There is considerable work to be done in the forgiveness realm for all of us.  We’ve got ourselves, others who have harmed or hurt us personally and then there’s all that societal stuff to forgive.  Slavery, poverty, racial hatred, ancestral curses and conditions and sexism are part of the cultural consequences we must release.  To be unforgiving does not serve our highest good.  I want myself and all the sisters to be free.   Sisters let us  take our cue from the incomparable song of Patti LaBelle – “Somebody Loves You” and  for real, you know that it is me!

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic