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I learn from leaders.  A very, very strong, resourceful and highly effective mentor of mine recently gave another masterful lesson.  In her teaching, she gave me much to consider about myself and my beliefs in the face of opposition.  In my dreams and desires for my life I already know many people will be drawn to me to help me achieve my goals.  Even with this awareness I also know that I will encounter those who will not be in agreement.  The Master Mentor, who is always looking for ways to help others, shared invaluable tools to help me stay committed to my own success.

Her first line of protection for her teachings was to create a system to capture her work that allows her the ability to “re-play” that work. It not only provides help to others who may have missed the original presentation; it is also a system of accountability.  Those of us who have not firmed up our own accountability system must do so in our quest for greatness.  I need to consistently review my work and see that it matches my plans and goals.  Do I have integrity with my word, do I follow-up on the things I have said?

Secondly, the Master Mentor made it clear that you need to be clear and decisive about your purpose.  Often times in facing the opposition we react defensively and began refuting the situation as opposed to focusing in on that crystal clear knowing about our true purpose.  She used her explanations and expressions of who she was as offensive statements.  She listened to the opposing views and politely continued to state what and why she was.  She did not waiver in her stand.  Her opposition had included angry and abusive comments, people who let her know that she did not meet their expectations of what and how she should express herself.  For me, the old way would have been to go on the defense, shoot them down with my rage, and or my indignation and denial, and most probably, a few choice curse words.

During this class, she demonstrated other powerful aspects of a leader.  I had been reviewing Che and Trevor’s Social Media Power just before the class and her responses appeared as though she were reading from the same document!  …Step 38.– Be Polite -she was that the entire time; Step 39. Advertise Successes- she did this with her stories of the many praises for information provided and so on.  She addressed the issues and allowed open discussion.  And guess what – in her freedom to allow ‘discussion’ she received nothing other than applauses for her stand.   What a divinely inspired class!


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LaShun Pace’s powerful song “He Keeps On Doing Great Things For Me“, describes my life as His beloved child.  In the last Cider Enterprises blog I talked about the merits of our featured author and book for Cider Enterprises Book-Club Conference Call – to be held today, Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 7PM until 8:30 PM CST.  Our free Teleconferencing Line is 218-548-7274, Access Code 2012211#.   Our “Overcomer” this time is – Myrtle D. Russell.  She will personally join us and accentuate her powerful messages in  the  book.  We look forward to hearing her own words about her life and her works.

Myrtle D. Russell, author of FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW “A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams” has provided an instructive and practical tool for transforming your life.  I like to keep things in an orderly way Cider Myrtle

in my life and as I was evaluating goals for 2013, Myrtle’s book was gifted to me (Thanks!)  It perfectly complimented the studies I had been pursuing on how to use the tools I have been learning to live a better life.  My daily prayer group, The Love Journey, Inc., facilitated by Janine A. Ingram, has been helping me to better understand my own worthiness and deserve-ability, to define it and meditate on affirmations that express in spoken words.  My pastor, Bishop Carlton Pearson,   has also been giving a similar message on a global level – we are worthy and deserve all the goodness; and along comes Myrtle with an easy guide for those who may not even have a spiritual grounding.  The world is thirsting for tools and communities of people who offer life changing ways to peaceful and fulfilled living.

Myrtle begins the book describing what she means by the term “traveling wounded’.  She says “Many of us are living with unresolved childhood issues that prevent us from fully expressing who we really are and keep us from living the lives we deserve to live”.  She asks the important questions, “What’s holding you back?  What keeps you from living your dreams?  Have you stopped dreaming?  Her answer is conclusive – “Whatever your issues are, you can bet that your thinking played a major role in the outcome”.  She helps us to change old patterns of thought by starting with the commitment to make a change.  There must be committed time to solving our problems that has no allowance for ‘turning back’.  It also contains a “willingness to trust the process and not sabotage our progress”.  Just an hour a day can lead to consistency and focus.  Writing your goals down is ‘key’ in actualizing the mental commitment.  All my spiritual guides value the importance of getting it in writing.   It cements’ the agreement.  In FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW Myrtle provides a sample contract to allow for your own areas of change.  Journaling becomes the record of your commitment and it gives all the needed room for expressing emotions and thoughts.

Myrtle D. Russell’s “…Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams” offers that “Pain is inevitable…but suffering is self-inflicted and can be avoided when you free your mind and align with the divine spirit…”  Forgiveness is a monumental tool to freedom.  Self-love is described as “an inside job which means first you have to be happy, and then you share your happiness with others”.  Nothing outside will fill the ‘empty space’ within.  “Show yourself Some Love” is more than a chapter title in the book and using the ‘butterfly’ activities inside will help you to do it.  Many more invaluable tools are in FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW “A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams”. 

Make enough time to purchase or download your copy today,  Thursday, January 31, 2013.  Join us from 7PM until 8:30 PM CST.  Our free Teleconferencing Line is 218-548-7274, Access Code 2012211#.  Have your personal questions and comments ready for Myrtle on our greatly anticipated Cider Enterprises Book-Club Conference CallVisit page to find out more of her accomplishments.   Contact me at 312-437-1411 or email and simply say “Yes, I’ll be Listening”.

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic

“FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW” A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams

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Kurt Carr – That’s Why I Praise Him features the 2013 beliefs I’m focusing on. There is so much to give praise for.  I’m chronicling my own Gratitude Journal daily. I have a number of passions and finding the time for them becomes a creative process. Much of my time for reading occurs while on buses, trains or waiting at appointments and events. But my unending love of reading allows me to pursue it in fun ways today. I look for, find and promote authors who have overcome something in life. I love their stories as inspiration for ordinary people like me. They provide hope, encouragement and that “sure thing”- the necessary work, to make their changes.

My “voice of thunder” on the Cider Enterprises Book-Club Conference Call would like you to embrace my featured “Overcomer”, Myrtle D. Russell. Call in on Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM CST. Our free Teleconferencing Line is 218-548-7274 , Access Code 2012211#.

Myrtle D. Russell, author of FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW “A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams”, is a long term sister-friend. We also have a wonderful niece in common. Even with a view of a person’s life, you really have to leave room in your perception of them for the unseen. Myrtle’s dynamic book revealed so much that I had no clue about that was going on in her life. Rightfully so, this is the time that Myrtle chooses to reveal to us, her journeys.  She has a pin-pointed, principled way of helping others to heal their pasts and live their dreams, now.  Cider Myrtle

Myrtle has spent more than thirty-two years of service as a nurse, an educator, an administrator, and a lifestyle coach. She says”… when it comes to promoting health and well-being, I have seen, heard, read, and experienced enough to know that if you keep doing it the same old way, you end up with the same results – a broken system, broken parts, and broken people”. In this wonderful and insightful book to help those of us looking for a guide, a tool, a process, or a coach to help us realize our dreams, FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW” does it. It is a simple, easily understood map for doing just that – changing your life and living your dreams. This powerful “Step-by-Step” guide, if followed, will give you a proven path to actualizing your dream. I appreciate Myrtle‘s” wholistic” approach to a balanced and better life.

Her first ‘unwritten’ principle reminds us that every individual of strength and might, “walking in their own authority”, has a spiritual grounding. This grounding may or may not be practiced in a religious setting, but its’ observance or acknowledgement certainly conveys a set of seriously held beliefs – that there is Power out there. Myrtle describes her love of butterflies and a major point of interest about them is that, “…Maybe the caterpillar knows that desire, coupled with hard work, leads to fulfillment, so it gently and patiently emerges as a butterfly…marking the end of restrictions..” Myrtle uses the butterfly symbol throughout “FREE YOUR MIND AND THE BEST WILL FOLLOW” to have us “…pause, do the work, and patiently and gently be ready to be transformed”.

No better guide is available to us right now other than “A Step-by-Step Guide to Living Your Dreams”. Get your copies on and other on-line book sites. You can download the e-book and be prepared to join Myrtle on the Cider Enterprises Book-Club Conference Call on Thursday, January 31, 2013 from 7:00 PM until 8:30 PM CST. Our free Teleconferencing Line is 218-548-7274 , Access Code 2012211#.

Let me know you’ll be with us by contacting and simply say, “Yes, I’ll be Listening”.

Peace and Love

Claudette Redic