Lucy Bass Givens: My angel has gone on to her next assignment!

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Mrs. Lucy Bass GivensI know, everything must change and I am growing less resistant to these facts and relying more and more on what I feel in my heart. This is the place where I can hold on to the eternal.   My Sistah-friend, Lucy Bass Givens, has been my Angel for well over twenty years and she made the decision on September 30, 2014 to move on.   Her transition from loving and supporting me here on this earth has taken on ethereal proportions and propensities.  I shall always feel her presence with me.

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Cider Enterprises Monthly Book Club’s 3rd Season of Questions Answered

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“OVER-COMERS” discuss and share their stories with conference call participants – SEPTEMBER THROUGH DECEMBER 2014


The third season of the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call (CEBCC) is set to begin on September 25, 2014 at 7PM with the remarkable and talented Charles Holt. I’m so excited. I am unabashedly a mid-westerner and like school, I start in September, after Labor Day. It is no accident that the CEBCC begins in September and continues through April. For me, it’s my cycle of learning and my brain seems better able to focus on concrete goals during this time. This is when new and exciting endeavors can orderly begin for me.

This time span carries three fourths of the year within it and encompasses many traditional, family and religious aspects of my life. I feel extremely purposeful coming from a summertime filled with nature-filled experiences on beaches, parks, gardens, and trails, balconies and porches. These types of places allow the free flow of connections with my dreams and hopes and I am more able to clearly visualize and explore them. These relaxing and bountiful spaces of abundance are just the perfect backdrop for me to see beyond my natural eyes that what I desire.

This new season’s authors continue the mission of the Cider Enterprises Book Club to feature “Over-Comers”. These are stories of situations and circumstances that have been overcome by the authors and they have been able to share their very individual and personal stories of how they did it. They offer lessons on family growth in love, understanding and forgiveness for each of us.

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Qualities of Heroes

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The 3rd  Book Club Conference Call is set for Thursday, March 15, 2012 at 7 PM.  We are discussing Bishop Carlton Pearson’s book  God is not a Christian, nor a Jew, Muslim, Hindu… The Call In Number is  1-218-548-9465 and the Pass code is 201211#.   See the Book Club Questions 3-15-12 here.Bishop Carlton Pearson

I must say that I have had an insightful and fascinating journey  thus far, exploring  and discussing with people who love.  Bishop’s premise is that “This book is not necessarily about believing in God, just a discussion of what you believe about God and why you believe it.” The Book Club Conference Call has allowed us to delve into our various, yet important, responses.

In my last post I shared with you what I believe and in so doing, I let you know that my spiritual  identity is that of a OverComer!  I believe in the great stories of others who have traversed tremendous odds and achieved significance for themselves, but more importantly, for the good of many.  Recognizing that I am a signal and as my energy is expressed through me and as me,  I send out the good news that – what we seek is seeking us, and dreams can be achieved.

Why do I  believe this, you ask, and  my answers are because I have  an inner-knowing ‘proof’ and in story after story there is ‘proof’ that a most High God favors  even the least of us.  I have historical ‘proof’ in Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Gandhi, Fannie Lou Hamer, and living ‘proof’ in my own mother, Doris Redic.  I am living right now in engaged connection with individuals who are each, to me, a living hero – expressing the universal Christ Principle of giving and doing so in Love.  Let me share my lights of hope with you.

Donna V. Werner, The Werner Business Group, www.wernerbusinessgroup.com is inspiring, always energetic and a storehouse of resources to help people. She teaches health and financial wealth and has a check-list for both to help you make informed assessments.  She has volunteer time for Seniors, girls on the street, and so much more.  Donna’s fervent prayers are heard.

Janine Ingram, a praying woman, AUTHOR, INSPIRATIONAL SPEAKER, VISIONARY AND LIFE COACH AUTHOR OF “BORN TO BE RICH” INSPIRATIONAL BOOK OF THE YEAR, www.borntoberich.org and www.janineaingram.com.    Janine inspires people to take their actions and talents to God each day in a 6 AM Prayer Conference Call  – The Source, with individuals from across the globe.  The number for this powerful time of prayer is  1-712-432-0900 and the Pass Code is 772719#.  Janine is also a community activist and business woman who offers tangible solutions for the improvement of our family and financial quality of life.

Syron Smith, Founder,  National Block Club University – (NBCU), www.nationalblockclubuniversity.com, provides a systemic way to create todays’ village, block-by-block.  NBCU’s  blue-print uplifts communities with plans for each person to have safe places to meet with learning centers for all.  The “Daily Living Habits” promotes our togetherness and helps to build real global connections for our communities.  The NBCU  Conference Call connects a selected zip code, a career focus club, a suburb and an African country.  They share concerns in one call at 7 PM –  Monday through Friday.  The call in number is 1-570-633-0091 and the pass code is 864123#.

JOY Sigur Ramza,  contact her at neighborshipofjoy@yahoo.com, is as the name states, JOY!  An artist, musician, creator of “Speak Life – Be Supreme” a divinely created, decorative ‘little sack’ of meditations to provide the words needed to speak life to yourself and others.    Always organizing and proactive in her community, Joy has data-base development skills  and visual enhancement talents that are par non.  Joy uses those gifts to help community organzations.

Phillip Jackson– Founder, The Black Star Project, www.blackstarproject.org  lives, breathes and takes action in his belief that “Those who control the education of the children, controls the future of that race.”  He directs his primary focus to African-American men and boys,  but Phillip certainly adds great contributions to women, girls and the larger community.  He promotes education as the key to change for us and takes leadership in providing services and information to both large and small entities within the city and nationally.  He expands awareness of today’s social injustices and offers examples of what can be done about them.

Naomi Davis, Esq. Founder of BIG, Blacks in Green, naomidavis@20thward.org ,  is running for 20th Ward Committeeman in Chicago.  Naomi is also an environmental activist and promotes economic development for communities of color.  Her political campaign  is convincing, and after working briefly with her, I believe that even in this unpaid position she will continue to be responsible and dependable.   She will take care of voter registration turnout, forums and other diverse political participation for the good of all.  Naomi restores belief in elected officials with integrity.

Dororthy “Mama Sunshine” Lyles can be contacted at cosmicdiva1us.  Mama Sunshine, a vocal and storytelling artist in her own right, has a special ability to summon the music and the musicians together in the universe who give us gifts that take us to a higher consciousness.  Her arrangements of talents are designed to invoke our ancestral and eternal energy – one with another.  Indeed, she knows that music carries our heavy emotional loads and her presentations give us release and renewal.

These people, and the issues they have addressed over time, are examples of good.  They are my personal reasons for why  I believe we can each be a OverComer.  Visit their links and read more of their personal stories and learn about the true qualities of heroes.  They are living expressions of the sharing, caring nature of the Christ Principle.   Each of them seem to know that the Potter continues to put OverComers back together after each set-back and against the greatest odds.

Peace and Love,

Claudette Redic

Psst!!! —- I do not  know any of my heroes religions, just their spirits.