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Season Four Reflections, Gratitude, Praise and Next Season Projections

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Cider Enterprises Book Club concluded Season Four on their April 20th conference call with featured author Dr. Lewis Baskins and Betty Muhammad, discussing his book “Uncover the Missing Peace.” And just like Tasha Cobbs expresses in her song, I’m gonna “Put A Praise On It” in appreciation for all of the authors, readers, listeners and technological support I received during this season.  I offer up praise in gratitude for the many creative thoughts and ideas I harnessed to showcase the great works of Season Four’s authors.  Each author had life-altering experiences that revealed their overcoming spirits.   To Asadah Kirkland, Kathleen Robinson, Carla L. Hawkins, Wanda Jenkins Clemons, Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, King Teasdell, Zakiyah Ameedah, Dr. Janice Fortman and Dr. Lewis C. Baskins – my sincere thanks to each of you. Your presence in this season met the goal.


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