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Author Helen Bevel Discusses the Significance of the Right-to-Vote Movement

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Can the Nonviolent Clinical Process (NCP) be used to AVERT violence this summer? Discussion and details in this book say, “Yes it can.” Helen L. Bevel is the wife of Rev. James L. Bevel, the man who has been dubbed as “The Father of the 1965 Nonviolent Right-to-Vote Movement” in Selma, AL. Helen compiled the book, “SELMA, The Spiritual Significance of the Nonviolent Right-to-Vote Movement, Demonstrated by Reverend James L. Bevel,” and says, “He may be the most important civil rights activist in the 20th century that you’ve never heard of.” Don’t miss having the true story that “All Truth Carries Proof” for yourself and the family. Join the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call number  218-339-9469 and enter pass code 20112# at 7PM on Thursday, April 16, 2015 to get an insider’s scoop about this historical “Right-to-Vote Movement” to change America. This call will conclude our third season until we resume with season four on September 17, 2015.

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