Authors of Children’s Books Featured on the December Book Club Conference Call

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During this holiday season, Cider Enterprises Book Club is delighted to feature two authors of children’s books on the Conference Call this December 15, 2016 at 7pm (CST). Dial (218) 548-7622, access code 20112# to join the conversation and learn more about these inspirational children’s books and our guests Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, author of “Light as a Feather” and Wanda Jenkins-Clemons, author of the “Kwami and Kids” series.

Wanda Jenkins-Clemons

Author Wanda Jenkins-Clemons is also a wife, mother, grandmother, godmother, daughter, sibling, aunt, cousin, friend, and God-fearing follower of Christ. Wanda’s professional life took her on a journey of providing social services to children, single mothers, families, and the elderly. Her love for children was evident in the relationships she developed not only with her own children but also with the children of her family members, friends, and neighbors. So it is no surprise that the Holy Spirit directed her to write her first book about children. The Kwami and Kids 4-book series covers Christian principles for children that include Love & Joy, Grace & Peace, Patience & Blessed, Forgiveness & Healing.

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Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet is an entrepreneur and the author of “Light as a Feather”  and “I Get Energy from the Sun.”  She is also a mother of 4 children, and the guardian of her 11 year old niece since her sister’s passing.  Nia will be first on the December call, followed by Wanda.

Light As A Feather teaches children integrity and good character with the laws and morals of Maat (universal balance).  Combine it with the poster and use as a learning and discipline tool to encourage good behavior.

I Get Energy from the Sun is a beginning guide to teaching children about spirituality and the unseen beauty that lies within. This children’s book teaches how all living things use the Sun’s energy and introduces the youth to the mysteries of the energy around them known as the aura, the life force vessels within them known as the chakras and the powerful energy that they are by just being humans with the power to love and share – Sekhem.

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If the ‘children are our future’ and ‘it takes a village to raise a child,’ then we have a responsibility to foster the positive and principled development of their minds, bodies and spirits.  Let us support these authors with the purchase of their children’s books as gifts of love and celebration educate and uplift the youth in our lives. This month’s featured authors will also have books available at the Soulful Chicago Book Fair on December 17th.  Request autographed copies for you or a loved one’s library.  Use these books to increase engagement and facilitate meaningful conversations with our young people.

Story time is a winner for me every time I get listeners together, so set a reminder to call into (218) 548-7622, access code 20112# on Thursday, December 15, 2016 at 7 PM CST to hear more about these wonderful children’s books and their authors in detail.  The festive month of December offers many intimate opportunities to gather with family, friends, and colleagues to support those we care about – our youth.  I’ll be listening for you.


Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Owner of Cider Enterprises



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