An Opulence and Abundance Theme of Published Writings in 2017

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Queen Hostess Claudette Redic

Happy New Year!  Twenty-seventeen (2017) is the year of expansion in the number of new authors.  This is exciting news for the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call.  In fact, this year’s list of new authors will include me and brother-friend, King Teasdell.  Yes, we are going to unleash our own stories of “overcoming” the barriers that have delayed our publications.  We know that our truths about our lives and the barriers we eliminated will be encouragement for others who have stories waiting to be written and published.

I’ve been told that 2017 is the year of Opulence and Abundance, which reiterates my own heightened feelings about what this New Year means to me. Twenty-sixteen (2016) was the year of completion; and in the case of my book, I made the decision to get it done.  Near the year’s end, I was blessed with a nine day opportunity to work at my own pace, and committed several hours to writing each morning.  I set up my spiritual music in the background and was amazed at the results this devoted time produced.  The writing flowed.  After three or so hours passed, I took food breaks and walks for about 7,000 steps.  During this refreshing and invigorating time in nature, I had time to review and clarify what I had written earlier.  I concluded each of those days reluctantly reminding myself that “this is enough for now, go out and walk the last 3,000 steps to meet the daily goal”.  I eagerly returned home to get busy again with a renewed enthusiasm to tell my story.  My working title is “Instant Ain’t Everything” and is planned to be released in February.

King Teasdell

King Teasdell, founder of Souls of Life Society, has been a part of my spiritual community for several years now and I have enjoyed knowing his acquaintance.  He openly shares his life with passion and sincerity and has demonstrated a commitment to be of service in many ways.  He is a welcomed voice for listening to the male perspective on quite a few topics.  His soon to be released book, The King’s Letter to the Living Body: A Tribute to Rev. Dr. King and the Life of Love, will shine a light on his voice and garner a greater appreciation of his talents.

Cider Enterprises Book Club will feature King and I on the Thursday, January 19th Conference Call number 218-548-7622 at 7 pm CT. We will discuss the basis of our books, our journey to publication, and provide resourceful information for callers who require support to start or complete their book projects.  We desire your comments and questions and continue to provide a great opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations of “overcoming” inspiration.

I’ll be listening for you,

Queen Hostess Claudette Redic
Owner of Cider Enterprises



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