Happy Holidays Create Profitable Legacies

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In another powerful example of “Instant Ain’t Everything – Profitable Legacy Building Comes Over Time” I reflected on my son’s first Christmas.

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Our first Christmas- 1980

I was a single mother coming from a tradition of Christmas celebrations.  My church, my community, my school and my family were caught up with celebrating the Savior’s birth.  By the time of Paul’s first Christmas, we had only recently begun to acknowledge Kwanzaa and I was still into the mindset of a few presents, a new outfit, food and family and let me not forget Church.   It was that relationship I had with the Church that gave me second thoughts about my moral right to even celebrate such a holy day with my having a son outside of marriage.  I started reaching into my ‘New Thought’ or metaphysical teachings and found value in celebrating the life of Jesus – The Way shower.  The spiritual principles Jesus lived by made it possible for me to make the shift in my beliefs and appreciate the time I have as a mother, sharing the beauty of the occasion (even if not religiously correct) with my son and others.

That first Christmas, I knew a lot of single people and they were so supportive of Paul and me.  I did my ‘hospitality essence thang’ with my holiday cooking and invited people over, only to have to settle an argument over who would pose as Paul’s dad for the Christmas pictures.  It was hilarious as the guys took the time to say why they were the “real daddy” and I ended up having four different poses from four wonderful men. Each of them would have been a good Dad. 20171220_112529.jpg In creating the tradition of celebrating the life we have, I can see the legacy fulfilled in my son.  He too, finds it important to share with others. I meet his neighbors and friends with children, who give praises to his spirit of giving and I am grateful.

I don’t recall if today I awakened with the words “Thank You” coming out of my mouth, but I do know I awakened excited about getting up.  I am in Las Vegas visiting my grown son, Paul. He brought brand new sheets just for me and I am feeling great! The usual cigarette and J accompanied me to the bathroom and the morning rituals began.  I have my own form of meditation and it enables me to empower my day. Not really being a bath person, my hot pulsating shower allows me the time to “wash it all away and envision the new.” This is a timeless technique I use for cleansing my mind and body. Afterwards my time for lubrication requires me to touch each body part and acknowledge the good that it serves in me.  As I am focusing on each body part that I am adorning with lotions and potions, I give thanks.  In the thankfulness I can feel how fortunate I am to have a healthy body that functions at capacity. I am grateful!

It is just a few days before Christmas and I am exhilarated to be alive.

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Christmas 2017

The inner humming that I had as a child in anticipation of Christmas coming, is spreading throughout my mind and body.  My son’s lovely space has order and spaciousness, but not a drop of Christmas reflected anywhere!  No problem, that’s why I came to be with him during the holidays.  We are situated in an ideal location for my sensibilities.  We’ve got the brick and mortar malls nearby filled with special deals, the 99 Cent stores compete with the Dollar stores and I can see a Goodwill, a Salvation Army and several consignment shops.  We will have some Christmas and Kwanzaa cheer before the day ends. Legacy appreciation also comes with time.

Happy Holidays

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Instant Ain’t Everything: Profitable Legacy Building Comes Over Time

Season Four Reflections, Gratitude, Praise and Next Season Projections

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Cider Enterprises Book Club concluded Season Four on their April 20th conference call with featured author Dr. Lewis Baskins and Betty Muhammad, discussing his book “Uncover the Missing Peace.” And just like Tasha Cobbs expresses in her song, I’m gonna “Put A Praise On It” in appreciation for all of the authors, readers, listeners and technological support I received during this season.  I offer up praise in gratitude for the many creative thoughts and ideas I harnessed to showcase the great works of Season Four’s authors.  Each author had life-altering experiences that revealed their overcoming spirits.   To Asadah Kirkland, Kathleen Robinson, Carla L. Hawkins, Wanda Jenkins Clemons, Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, King Teasdell, Zakiyah Ameedah, Dr. Janice Fortman and Dr. Lewis C. Baskins – my sincere thanks to each of you. Your presence in this season met the goal.


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Season 4 Concludes: Learn methods to stem conflict & violence in self and others

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Greetings My Friends;

Featured author Dr. Lewis C. Baskins, “Uncover the Missing Peace: Dissolve Resentment Avoid Anger” is the ‘prophetic’ closure to the Fourth season of the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call.  On April 20, 2017, Dr. Baskins and Betty Muhammad will share their ‘over-coming’ techniques for stemming conflict and violence in ourselves, the family and the larger community.  They share proven methods to create peaceful co-existence. Read the rest of this entry »

Spotlighting Dr. Janice Fortman on mother-daughter relationships and resolutions during Women’s History Month

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Dr. Janice Hooker Fortman

On March 16, 2017, Cider Enterprises Book Club spotlights international speaker Dr. Janice Hooker Fortman and her book on difficult mother-daughter relationships and resolutions. Women in many areas of the world use this month to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women and ensure that others are mindful of our importance.  The United States Congress passed Pub. L. 100-9 in 1987, declaring March as National Women’s History Month in perpetuity.  How do you acknowledge Women’s History month?  What pro-active women honoring endeavors do you engage in or know about?  We invite you to join us and share our relevant and timely conference call event with your network.

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A Month for Manifesting Miracles and Love

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In light of the annual Valentine’s Day hoopla and romance energy that permeates the atmosphere, February – that sacred time of the Aquarius – is an opportune month for manifesting miracles and love. It is also the month we celebrate Black History and my birthday on the 11th (Yeah Claudette!). And because I am ever the romantic optimist and cheerleader for the underdog, it is imperative that I make room for joyful periods during the cold winter months. So, I am happy to announce that Cider Enterprises Book Club is featuring author Zakiyyah Ameedah (Zee) and her book, “Jamaica: A Memoir of Miracles, Manifestations, Love,” on the February 16th conference call at 7 pm.


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An Opulence and Abundance Theme of Published Writings in 2017

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Queen Hostess Claudette Redic

Happy New Year!  Twenty-seventeen (2017) is the year of expansion in the number of new authors.  This is exciting news for the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call.  In fact, this year’s list of new authors will include me and brother-friend, King Teasdell.  Yes, we are going to unleash our own stories of “overcoming” the barriers that have delayed our publications.  We know that our truths about our lives and the barriers we eliminated will be encouragement for others who have stories waiting to be written and published.

I’ve been told that 2017 is the year of Opulence and Abundance, which reiterates my own heightened feelings about what this New Year means to me. Twenty-sixteen (2016) was the year of completion; and in the case of my book, I made the decision to get it done.  Near the year’s end, I was blessed with a nine day opportunity to work at my own pace, and committed several hours to writing each morning.  I set up my spiritual music in the background and was amazed at the results this devoted time produced.  The writing flowed.  After three or so hours passed, I took food breaks and walks for about 7,000 steps.  During this refreshing and invigorating time in nature, I had time to review and clarify what I had written earlier.  I concluded each of those days reluctantly reminding myself that “this is enough for now, go out and walk the last 3,000 steps to meet the daily goal”.  I eagerly returned home to get busy again with a renewed enthusiasm to tell my story.  My working title is “Instant Ain’t Everything” and is planned to be released in February.

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Authors of Children’s Books Featured on the December Book Club Conference Call

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During this holiday season, Cider Enterprises Book Club is delighted to feature two authors of children’s books on the Conference Call this December 15, 2016 at 7pm (CST). Dial (218) 548-7622, access code 20112# to join the conversation and learn more about these inspirational children’s books and our guests Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, author of “Light as a Feather” and Wanda Jenkins-Clemons, author of the “Kwami and Kids” series. Read the rest of this entry »

“Mama Never Told Me” by Carla L. Hawkins

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Carla L. Hawkins, author of “Mama Never Told Me,” is the featured guest for Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call on Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 7 pm CST.  Carla’s new release gives praise and an account of her ‘now’ just in time for this Thanksgiving season.  From the perspective that there were “things Mama should have told me, but never did,” Carla’s story pours out the trials and triumphs that operated her life over as a child though adulthood.

I personally know Carla as a Mother, Wife, acclaimed Actress, Educator, Producer of the Destination Manifestation Sunday evening prayer call, and a very valued member within my spiritual community.  Now as a first time author, Carla has once again shown me why she rightfully and respectfully is an over-comer.  I see this tall, beautiful, statuesque, humble and poised person as living proof that in spite of what Mama didn’t tell her, she discovered enough on her own to successfully maneuver her way to the truth of her being. Read the rest of this entry »

Cider Enterprises Book Club October Conference Call & Appreciation Ceremony

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kathleen-the-store-bk-cover-10-20-16Many Chicago business icons come to mind in remembrance of the Great Migration’s 100th year Anniversary.  Our featured author, Kathleen Y. Robinson chronicles her family’s journey as part of the great migration in her book, The Store.  Kathleen provides a revealing insider view of a proud family with strong southern roots and life with her husband Warren,  doing business inside and outside of  Rob’s.

Her story’s roots began in Mississippi and Tennessee. Cities like Memphis provided a starting point for several million people who journeyed from the south to the north seeking a better life. This was the heart of that generation’s mindset, a time when ‘failure was not an option’ and legacy continued.

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Fourth Season of Cider Enterprises Book Club Returns September 15

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Welcome back to the Cider Enterprises Book Club Blog.  The fourth season of our Conference Call begins on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 7PM Central Standard Time with a NEW CALL-IN NUMBER at 218-548-7622, Access Code is 20112#.

Our focus on ‘Over-Comers’ will feature several Chicago based authors and promoters who tell their stories of overcoming Chicago’s Literary Desert.  And in recognition of the 100th year of the Great Migration, we will also feature personal stories from authors who’ve experienced a time period when ‘failure was not an option.’

13909065_10208734437591928_4339919626153792773_oOur first guest of the season is Asadah Kirkland, the Soulful Chicago Book Fair founder and promoter.  Asadah and her book, “Beating Black Kids,” was also featured last season on the Cider Enterprises Book Club. Since then, she has elevated her status and increased her accomplishments to produce the first Black Literary Art Fair. To her credit, Asadah not  only sold the City and corporate sponsors on the idea, but she additionally gathered an overflow of quality authors from a multitude of genre’s to the extent that  Soulful Book Fair is already set for 2017! Read the rest of this entry »