An Expression of Gratitude for Author Ernest Abdullah’s Insightful Contributions

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ERNEST 4_1Is there ever too much gratitude? For me, there can never, never, ever be “too much” gratitude.  The feeling of successful accomplishment, as endorphins flowed through my brain and gave me an overall state of peace and tranquility, is truly a presence to be sought.  My October interview with author Ernest Basim Abdullah on the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call was one of those perfect peaceful accomplished moments in time.  “The Game of Life and How To Play It” was so orderly and eloquently discussed by Ernest that I am still receiving compliments and comments about the insights he contributed to the call.  THANK YOU Ernest Abdullah!

The game of lifeErnest had so many callers on the line exchanging greetings and kudos, before the 7 PM start time, that I forgot to hit the “record” button when the official call time began. I formally offer my sincerest apologies to you, Ernest, and to the world.  This significant call was such that it needed to be easily accessible in our audio library.

However, all is not lost.  Take a moment to listen to the followupGratitude” call, thanking Ernest and reviewing a few highlights from his discussion on the initial call.  And if you haven’t already, purchase your copy of the book to gain ready answers from “The Game of Life and How To Play It.”  Players on the ‘Court of Life’ will use this substantial guide to successfully navigate through the game.


Claudette Redic
Queen Hostess


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