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Season 4 Concludes: Learn methods to stem conflict & violence in self and others

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Greetings My Friends;

Featured author Dr. Lewis C. Baskins, “Uncover the Missing Peace: Dissolve Resentment Avoid Anger” is the ‘prophetic’ closure to the Fourth season of the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call.  On April 20, 2017, Dr. Baskins and Betty Muhammad will share their ‘over-coming’ techniques for stemming conflict and violence in ourselves, the family and the larger community.  They share proven methods to create peaceful co-existence. Read the rest of this entry »

A Month for Manifesting Miracles and Love

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In light of the annual Valentine’s Day hoopla and romance energy that permeates the atmosphere, February – that sacred time of the Aquarius – is an opportune month for manifesting miracles and love. It is also the month we celebrate Black History and my birthday on the 11th (Yeah Claudette!). And because I am ever the romantic optimist and cheerleader for the underdog, it is imperative that I make room for joyful periods during the cold winter months. So, I am happy to announce that Cider Enterprises Book Club is featuring author Zakiyyah Ameedah (Zee) and her book, “Jamaica: A Memoir of Miracles, Manifestations, Love,” on the February 16th conference call at 7 pm.


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Fourth Season of Cider Enterprises Book Club Returns September 15

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Welcome back to the Cider Enterprises Book Club Blog.  The fourth season of our Conference Call begins on Thursday, September 15, 2016 at 7PM Central Standard Time with a NEW CALL-IN NUMBER at 218-548-7622, Access Code is 20112#.

Our focus on ‘Over-Comers’ will feature several Chicago based authors and promoters who tell their stories of overcoming Chicago’s Literary Desert.  And in recognition of the 100th year of the Great Migration, we will also feature personal stories from authors who’ve experienced a time period when ‘failure was not an option.’

13909065_10208734437591928_4339919626153792773_oOur first guest of the season is Asadah Kirkland, the Soulful Chicago Book Fair founder and promoter.  Asadah and her book, “Beating Black Kids,” was also featured last season on the Cider Enterprises Book Club. Since then, she has elevated her status and increased her accomplishments to produce the first Black Literary Art Fair. To her credit, Asadah not  only sold the City and corporate sponsors on the idea, but she additionally gathered an overflow of quality authors from a multitude of genre’s to the extent that  Soulful Book Fair is already set for 2017! Read the rest of this entry »

Learn to Fearlessly Take Care of You with Health & Lifestyle Coach Peggy Riggins

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Cider EntPeggy Riggins bk-21-Dayerprises is pleased to bring Peggy Riggins to the Book Club Conference Call on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 7 PM CST to discuss her new book, “You Taking Care of You – 21 Day Fearless Self-Care Challenge.” Peggy’s story of reinventing and caring for yourself has helped to encourage and motivate men and women alike. Her purpose is to motivate people to take ownership of their own health, while taking the actions to achieve their optimal state of health and wellness. In addition to being an author, Peggy Riggins is a Certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, the Founder and CEO of She Heals, and a retired registered pharmacist (RPh). Peggy is also regarded as one of the original pioneers of the self-care movement, where she is transforming lives daily.  She is quoted as saying, “Always give yourself to yourself, before you give yourself away daily.”

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How to Play The Game of Life – written by Ernest Basim Abdullah

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Promo E. Abdullah

Fall is officially here and my featured author for October 16, 2014 is Mr. Ernest Basim Abdullah. His book “The Game of Life and How to Play It” will have me cozying up to some powerful lessons during this time. Ernest wrote his book more than 20 years ago, sent a copy to his sister in another city and forgot about it.  As a repatriate of hurricane Katrina, Ernest left New Orleans with only his self.  In working through the process of re-inventing his life, Ernest assessed the intangibles within himself to create his new life.  He remembered he had already written the guide he needed.  His sister had her copy so he revived it and published it earlier this year.  To purchase book, click on book title above or photo of book below.

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Cider Enterprises Monthly Book Club’s 3rd Season of Questions Answered

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“OVER-COMERS” discuss and share their stories with conference call participants – SEPTEMBER THROUGH DECEMBER 2014


The third season of the Cider Enterprises Book Club Conference Call (CEBCC) is set to begin on September 25, 2014 at 7PM with the remarkable and talented Charles Holt. I’m so excited. I am unabashedly a mid-westerner and like school, I start in September, after Labor Day. It is no accident that the CEBCC begins in September and continues through April. For me, it’s my cycle of learning and my brain seems better able to focus on concrete goals during this time. This is when new and exciting endeavors can orderly begin for me.

This time span carries three fourths of the year within it and encompasses many traditional, family and religious aspects of my life. I feel extremely purposeful coming from a summertime filled with nature-filled experiences on beaches, parks, gardens, and trails, balconies and porches. These types of places allow the free flow of connections with my dreams and hopes and I am more able to clearly visualize and explore them. These relaxing and bountiful spaces of abundance are just the perfect backdrop for me to see beyond my natural eyes that what I desire.

This new season’s authors continue the mission of the Cider Enterprises Book Club to feature “Over-Comers”. These are stories of situations and circumstances that have been overcome by the authors and they have been able to share their very individual and personal stories of how they did it. They offer lessons on family growth in love, understanding and forgiveness for each of us.

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Oh Yes, The Beat Does Go On!

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I learn from leaders.  A very, very strong, resourceful and highly effective mentor of mine recently gave another masterful lesson.  In her teaching, she gave me much to consider about myself and my beliefs in the face of opposition.  In my dreams and desires for my life I already know many people will be drawn to me to help me achieve my goals.  Even with this awareness I also know that I will encounter those who will not be in agreement.  The Master Mentor, who is always looking for ways to help others, shared invaluable tools to help me stay committed to my own success.

Her first line of protection for her teachings was to create a system to capture her work that allows her the ability to “re-play” that work. It not only provides help to others who may have missed the original presentation; it is also a system of accountability.  Those of us who have not firmed up our own accountability system must do so in our quest for greatness.  I need to consistently review my work and see that it matches my plans and goals.  Do I have integrity with my word, do I follow-up on the things I have said?

Secondly, the Master Mentor made it clear that you need to be clear and decisive about your purpose.  Often times in facing the opposition we react defensively and began refuting the situation as opposed to focusing in on that crystal clear knowing about our true purpose.  She used her explanations and expressions of who she was as offensive statements.  She listened to the opposing views and politely continued to state what and why she was.  She did not waiver in her stand.  Her opposition had included angry and abusive comments, people who let her know that she did not meet their expectations of what and how she should express herself.  For me, the old way would have been to go on the defense, shoot them down with my rage, and or my indignation and denial, and most probably, a few choice curse words.

During this class, she demonstrated other powerful aspects of a leader.  I had been reviewing Che and Trevor’s Social Media Power www.cheandtreavor.com just before the class and her responses appeared as though she were reading from the same document!  …Step 38.– Be Polite -she was that the entire time; Step 39. Advertise Successes- she did this with her stories of the many praises for information provided and so on.  She addressed the issues and allowed open discussion.  And guess what – in her freedom to allow ‘discussion’ she received nothing other than applauses for her stand.   What a divinely inspired class!