Disciplined to Win – Part 1

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CE HeaderIn disciplining Cider Enterprises to win as a Coaching and Consulting Company dedicated to “helping entrepreneurs harness the energy of their ideas,” I have to consistently practice what I preach.  Every part of my three-fold business plan requires administrative organization. In each area of the business, I needed to create a significant digital presence. Mind you, I was still thinking in terms of old forms of communication- letters, calls, and memos.  Well, technology happened to me too and I discovered far more effective ways to get the word out!

Two years ago, I decided to investigate available options through the free courses and workshops with Tech Thursdays Chicago.  It was with them that I first began obtaining information. I came away better able to identify the value, expense and people needed to guide me to greater efficiency and productivity tools. And for those of you interested in discovering tools that can assist you in becoming a more viable business, contact me to schedule an appointment to assess your needs.

The discipline of ‘making plans a reality’ is another major key to success in running a superior community-based business.  In this context, I prefer The Free Dictionary definition of discipline: “Training expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement.”

wpid-ron-hubbard-goals.jpg.jpegI found the ‘Administrative Scale’ contained in L. Ron Hubbard’s booklet, “Targets and Goals,” a helpful and simple planning tool to use.  After all, administrative organization is the main ingredient of your beautiful, delicious and well planned ‘cake of business.’

Entrepreneurs have no need to experience the heavy burden of not accomplishing their goals.  There are many opportunities to learn ways of success. Organization is not a complex system done for its own sake. Effective organizing is a way to complete tasks and achieve goals in order to create something economically sound. This is why we are in business.

We discipline ourselves to plan and execute the steps of our plan. This is the real secret to achieve our desires. Contact Cider Enterprises to help you discipline yourself to plan, execute and win!


Claudette Redic,
Owner of Cider Enterprises

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